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Thank you so much for the warm welcome of our new baby. We love you.
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This is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and our new baby girl, along with my Wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on BYtown since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all! Roman soldiers baby!



11 Стд 2021





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Ahmad Jamal
Ahmad Jamal 7 хвілін таму
baby factory
Bob Dillion
Bob Dillion 15 хвілін таму
Ow that’s what ladbabys second sons middle name was meant to be like 2 years ago haha
Cameron Regan
Cameron Regan 22 хвіліны таму
Mad like shes got fat
Sydney Mcknight
Sydney Mcknight 44 хвіліны таму
love the name
Sydney Mcknight
Sydney Mcknight 48 хвілін таму
so beautiful
Mattie 334
Mattie 334 58 хвілін таму
Forgot what you guys look like!! Pretty shitty to dissapear for so long then drop and amasing this like this!!! Being back the videos guys
Luke Davies
Luke Davies Годину таму
Nice ad on the vid to bring in some money
Melvin Carranza
Melvin Carranza Годину таму
I don’t feel the same excitement I used to feel when watching your vlogs, I guess I lost interest after you left for so long. Congrats on Knox tho
Nadarajah yoganathan
Nadarajah yoganathan Годину таму
How many kids does this guy have
Tamara Nestor
Tamara Nestor Годину таму
Hey roman I just wondering if you still have the smile more store love u guys very much congratulations on your new baby boy
Dennisson Macalan
Dennisson Macalan Годину таму
That's really a cool name. Knox!
M M Годину таму
So joyful congratulations
Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia Годину таму
I love this so much just looking at your family makes me feel more powerful and more happy really does make me smile more I've been in this sense day one and omg I had to make like 4 new accounts bc I would lose phones or over comment even that I got blocked but always here and always so happy when u put a video out
big shlong
big shlong Годину таму
Addie caldwell
Addie caldwell Годину таму
How many y’all gon hav
Icabod Crane
Icabod Crane Годину таму
Congratulations! And welcome to the world Knox
Gaming Sheep777
Gaming Sheep777 Годину таму
Do you just pop out babies and just keep the money from the minimal Vids u do used to be a big fan... shame
오채영음악블로그 Годину таму
ohmy god BABY BOY YEAH ^^
LaurenAlexHeartcore 2 години таму
Congratulations 👶💙
Sophia Nicole Malahito
Sophia Nicole Malahito 2 години таму
Kledi Vulaj
Kledi Vulaj 2 години таму
He’s back
Jefferey Walczak
Jefferey Walczak 2 години таму
God how much I miss you all. But I refuse to go anywhere. Hope everyone is well. See you all soon.😊😊😊
Conner C
Conner C 2 години таму
I was 8 lbs 15 ounces when I was born!
Tyler Blakeney
Tyler Blakeney 2 години таму
That’s my nieces birthday
Sammy Taylor-Clark
Sammy Taylor-Clark 2 години таму
Who else remembers the old days they were so good but at least we have another video
Pamala Neuroth
Pamala Neuroth 2 години таму
I had a baby in October she was 9lbs 8oz I found out last week that the nurse never came back and took my birth certificate information. So now myself and my daughter's father has to go in and "name her"
LORAN 2 години таму
Bro you best forever 🙏🙏🙏
Shay Davis
Shay Davis 3 години таму
Congrats hopefully we get more videos missed yall
kaylee tolbert
kaylee tolbert 3 години таму
I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve seen a new video of yours
Monte Naylor
Monte Naylor 3 години таму
I was not expecting that
NinetyS Boy
NinetyS Boy 3 години таму
That nurse must be so happy for the name. I can only imagine her reaction when she find out. Welcome knox
P Trendall
P Trendall 3 години таму
Congratulations so happy for you blessings
slcy 321
slcy 321 3 години таму
Yay!!!!! Congratulations on baby Knox!!!
Luca Campanini
Luca Campanini 3 години таму
Bro u shoulda named it luca bro my name luca
Christina Sleicher
Christina Sleicher 3 години таму
NinetyS Boy
NinetyS Boy 3 години таму
BYtown darn recommended this 4 days late! Congratulations 💘 💜
Kristen Remmers
Kristen Remmers 3 години таму
Just listen 4 babies with all four letters
Daddy Simba
Daddy Simba 3 години таму
Rich ass baby 🥰
Fernando Alvarado
Fernando Alvarado 3 години таму
I know we will get daily vlogs again. YOU CAN DO THIS ROMAN!
Erica Ramos
Erica Ramos 3 години таму
I love the name knox that is such a great name he's soooo cute❤️😁😁😁👍
Barbara Malloy
Barbara Malloy 3 години таму
Congratulations to you and your family for a beautiful little boy, Knox. Love the name!!
Manou Sivam
Manou Sivam 3 години таму
My man Roman really needs to work on his pull out game before he has like 3 more kids
Tyler Steward
Tyler Steward 3 години таму
God is good! Praise the lord for another healthy life on earth!
laney jane
laney jane 3 години таму
welcome to the world baby knox🤍
Devan Weathers
Devan Weathers 4 години таму
The most beautiful baby 😭❤️
Callista Meyer
Callista Meyer 4 години таму
Kevin Schmidt
Kevin Schmidt 4 години таму
They are back
Michelle Pendry
Michelle Pendry 4 години таму
How you’re going today
Gabe Neuman
Gabe Neuman 4 години таму
Brandoo ENT
Brandoo ENT 4 години таму
Knox a capricorn yesssirrrrr🤝🚦congrats roman and brit
Dinga JNR
Dinga JNR 4 години таму
2020 already better
Dominic Livermore
Dominic Livermore 4 години таму
All I know is that brit looks way differnt espaikly without makeup
Matias 4 години таму
No wayyy romannnnn!!
gerasimos00000000 4 години таму
CONGRATULATIONS FOR YOU BEAUTIFUL BABY KNOX!!! Yayyyyy!!!! So nice to see you once again !! Very exciting news with all! No pain , no gain, as the saying goes, and you gained a beautiful healthy Bonny baby! Congratulations 🎈🎊🎉 once again!!!
all mighty great 1
all mighty great 1 4 години таму
Nice name. Kyle. Why did they pull today's video
George Rojas
George Rojas 4 години таму
Bro wtf are’s new names for baby’s
Jordan Du Preez
Jordan Du Preez 4 години таму
I am so happy for you 🥲 and it is a great name 😜
Singh Aman
Singh Aman 4 години таму
how many kids they have ? 4 ? 5 ??
Kaliya Vanrosendale
Kaliya Vanrosendale 4 години таму
Literally next time this on my for you it’s gonna be like Noah got engaged or Noah is getting married today
Deluxe Gaming
Deluxe Gaming 4 години таму
Congratulations 🙏🏽
Shonah_15 4 години таму
Congratulations to you all 💙❤️💙💙❤️💙🇦🇺
Kamdyn Alexa
Kamdyn Alexa 4 години таму
wait she was pregnant?
Rebekka Rós Einarsdóttir
Rebekka Rós Einarsdóttir 4 години таму
The spitting image of noah
Laurielle D
Laurielle D 5 годин таму
Second they said they wanted it to be 4 letters too, I knew it was Knox lol
kiralove9291 5 годин таму
Well I'm glad for y'all and he's handsome too! I understand the pain rn.. I'm not that far along with mine but this is my first set of twins so yea.. love y'all and miss y'all's videos and the kids to! I hope y'all stay safe and healthy thru the years.
Erik 5 годин таму
love and miss you guys congratulations on heatlhy Knox!!!!
Huntorix 5 годин таму
good luck with 4 kids i grew up with 3 siblings and oof grocery stores were so fun for.....my mother
Joel Herber
Joel Herber 5 годин таму
Christian Charsley
Christian Charsley 5 годин таму
i my god great name i love that name
Janessa Mullins
Janessa Mullins 5 годин таму
Knox is so cute! Congratulations!
Andrew Simon
Andrew Simon 5 годин таму
I absolutely love the name knox. He's is so handsome and adorable. I gotta say that u guys are my favorite BYtownrs, ya u dont post that much anymore but I know there's a good reason for that. I got a classic smilemore shirt a while a go and its my favorite (its my girlfriends favorite too) its so soft and comfortable. I don't know if your gonna see this comment but I love you guys so much, I've been watching for a long time now, before Cora was even born. Stay safe, and I cant wait for the next video. And of course. Dont forget to smile more baby. ❤❤❤❤
-Żœÿ -
-Żœÿ - 5 годин таму
Should’ve named him Zeus🥺
Michael Delawski
Michael Delawski 5 годин таму
Congrats you guys.
luis arevalo
luis arevalo 5 годин таму
Congratulations guys ! Missed y’all hope y’all good !
Alexandria Fields
Alexandria Fields 5 годин таму
He is so cute 🥺🥺
darren smith
darren smith 5 годин таму
I love you and your family
Gavin Fulkerson
Gavin Fulkerson 5 годин таму
Who wishes roman would go back to vlogging like me if so leave a like on this post
Deepak G
Deepak G 5 годин таму
Congratulations Bro. That's a great news for the new year. Happy for all of u guys. Stay safe. We missed u a lot in 2020. Hope everything gets back to normal. Don't forget to SMILE MORE😉
Cristian guzalva
Cristian guzalva 5 годин таму
who the hell dislikes this, like how?
Arman Minhas
Arman Minhas 5 годин таму
Bruh this guys pull out game weak
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 5 годин таму
Rebecca Ramagge
Rebecca Ramagge 5 годин таму
Aw congratulations. Thank you so much for sharing him and this vid with everyone :-)
James DuBois
James DuBois 5 годин таму
I love Luke way better but Knox is pretty cool like the Harry Potter spell to dim lumous
ya BRuh
ya BRuh 5 годин таму
I think i forgot that I forgot that she was pregnant but it feels like I didn’t know 😭😭
Danya Leann
Danya Leann 5 годин таму
Congratulations! So happy to see you guys again!! Can't wait for the birth story !
Anthony Torres
Anthony Torres 5 годин таму
Sad that Knox will never see his grandmom and she will never see him
Sidney Woodford
Sidney Woodford 5 годин таму
1:04 in to the video and I’m already crying
Anastasia 5 годин таму
I love the name!!
Sharpie Boi
Sharpie Boi 6 годин таму
Congrats roman!
Jose Barrera
Jose Barrera 6 годин таму
Knox???? Cmon really???? Oooook
Alan mckinnon
Alan mckinnon 6 годин таму
big baby
Toraus Is 4Lyfe
Toraus Is 4Lyfe 6 годин таму
Congratulations... We all love and miss you.... Knox welcome to the Roman Gladiators Legion
Paxton Coleman
Paxton Coleman 6 годин таму
Can u post every other day
alex canchola
alex canchola 6 годин таму
Best family on youtube
Chickenhead Hicks
Chickenhead Hicks 6 годин таму
I was born the 7th I also love that name
Define Panda
Define Panda 6 годин таму
wow just wow that amazing like you guys have come so far 🥺
Gabe Richen
Gabe Richen 6 годин таму
You should get back into vlog it’s been a long rough jerny but with your videos it helped me through all of it
Ethan Siebert
Ethan Siebert 6 годин таму
I miss you guys please come back
Cambry Cook
Cambry Cook 6 годин таму
Amanda case
Amanda case 6 годин таму
Roman Knox Atwood?
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