How Do Nuclear Submarines Make Oxygen?- Smarter Every Day 251 

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Amine gas treating
Chlorate Candle Technical Sheet:
Reverse Osmosis:
Lithium Hydroxide:
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21 Лют 2021





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SmarterEveryDay 8 дзён таму
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Dylan K
Dylan K 22 години таму
I thought he was going to say the headphones button Is so cool because they pause the music and turn up the outside noise to hear people better, not just to pause music like my $40cdn Poms that are a knockoff of Airbuds that are a knockoff of airpods lol but good enough.
Dylan K
Dylan K 22 години таму
I wonder If Cavemen unintentionally actually made oxygen with fire. Lol
Quinn Sams
Quinn Sams Дзень таму
Boa !
Boa ! Дзень таму
WaveRain Дзень таму
I brought a pair of e25 raycon's with code smarter15 in electric blue today , can't wait to recieve them!
af24us af24us
af24us af24us Хвіліна таму
@5:20 Bachrach sniffers are deployed on Toledo Class Submarines - Is the Bachrach Marketting team listening ? :-)
DJ J 16 хвілін таму
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Benjamin Kennedy
Benjamin Kennedy 36 хвілін таму
Hey I saw a cup from Bass pro shops
Space Cat
Space Cat 41 хвіліна таму
How long can the submarine hold without needing to refill fuel and stuff
Space Cat
Space Cat 47 хвілін таму
I have been in a submarine before but its smaller and not active with old equipment
E P 48 хвілін таму
AmAZINg! god bless those guys! thanks for your service!
Space Cat
Space Cat 50 хвілін таму
I think that the sea plants ane life havent loaded it havent generated.. *Game Loading...*
tydeze1 57 хвілін таму
So when do we send Dustin to the ISS? lol
Brian Huntington
Brian Huntington Годину таму
WOW!!! Who comes up with somthing like that??? I mean, what accidents had to happen for someone to figure out burning these chemicals produces oxygen, and this chemical takes carbon dioxide out of the air????? Science is sooo much fun!!! I love your channel!!!!
imp3r1alx Годину таму
Does the Lithium Hydroxide never run out ?? i mean keep scrubbing co2 like forever ?? it's impossible right.. so what humans do with the leftovers ??
Plazma Pufferfish
Plazma Pufferfish Годину таму
So youre telling me this whole system is completely reliant on purifying sea water?
Roennei Годину таму
“Every 2 hours” thats a lot of candles to store.
Dalton Trinklein
Dalton Trinklein Годину таму
This is honestly pretty freaking cool👍
A M Годину таму
After 8 mins I forgot the title of the video.
Dave Hergert
Dave Hergert Годину таму
Need to know, what diagraming tool was used to create the MEA scrubber system animation ?
ACE Годину таму
i like how the crew were like seeing destin and just like nope other way LOL
BRAD’S A TACO Годину таму
You learn more from this channel than your whole life through school
Jozef Behran
Jozef Behran Годину таму
23:37 The explanation is simple. The "amin" wants to be fizzy when it is cold but it wants to be flat when hot. So after the amin is saturated with CO2, it is heated up, which causes it to release that CO2. That is why the tower is called "boiling tower" because the CO2 is boiled out. This results in gaseous CO2 and the lean amin. The gaseous CO2 is pumped off by that compressor, the lean amin is cooled off and fed back to the absorption tower, where it completes the cycle.
7-2 offsuit
7-2 offsuit Годину таму
I feel bad for Dow. not sure if he's nervous or just socially awkward and was forced into a situation for this channel. You can clearly see he wants no part of this youtube film crew
Dylan Nance
Dylan Nance 2 години таму
Crazy how the only way to live is to purify the water. For oxygen and pressure.
Viking Excavating
Viking Excavating 2 години таму
I thought they had gills
Lord Farquar
Lord Farquar 2 години таму
Hey destin can you make a video if you havent already on how much nuclear vehicles mainly nuclear submarines, I'd love to see it and learn about it, I'm sure I could google it and do my own research but I'd love to watch you do it, plus I'm sure alot of your viewers are wondering as well .
Rodney J.
Rodney J. 2 години таму
Nuclear submarine deep dive! Lol nooice!
WarpFactor999 2 години таму
CO2 scrubbers and H2/hydrocarbon burners are the part most people never hear about. The other two significant factors are the carbon filters in the fan room to absorb all of the farts and the electrostatic scrubbers that keep the particulates out of the air. Is it pure air? Well, after 3-4 weeks out in a sealed tube, when you pop the hatch and ventilate the boat, you can literally smell every fish in the sea.
Desjardiniii 2 години таму
I was wondering why you couldn’t use the CO2 system in a way to burn off the Carbon, leaving oxygen.
coronavirus 2 години таму
Exphoria_ 2 години таму
Would it be possible to build an air tight room and live in it with a single tree, of course with all the necessities, except oxygen, would the tree itself be enough to keep someone alive if they had everything they needed
Mitch Connor
Mitch Connor 2 години таму
My tax dollar..
s70driver2005 2 години таму
In the Navy one way we take care of Class D fires is to throw it over the side of the ship. Let the ocean take care of it!!!
Tristan Barnard
Tristan Barnard 2 години таму
I feel like this is give more info than school does like idk if that’s just me but.
Anthony O
Anthony O 3 години таму
It’s like watching J-Rock before he picked up the two turn tables and a microphone.
Curtis Kretzer
Curtis Kretzer Годину таму
Leonel Perez
Leonel Perez 3 години таму
He's looks so young yet knows every little detail when questioned. Props to Dow from Ohio
ninjedi 3 години таму
same reason why fishes dont run out of air. duhhhhhh.
Mason Mcgraw
Mason Mcgraw 3 години таму
Cold liquid dissolves more gas than warm liquid thats why the amine gets heated. It is also why your pop goes flat faster when it's warm.
Mason Mcgraw
Mason Mcgraw 3 години таму
Or at least cold liquid can hold more dissolved gas
21 cabbage
21 cabbage 3 години таму
Ever notice how many pens that dudes got
TravisFabel 3 години таму
We need to bless this ship. That way it can be the Holy Toledo.
Lean 2200
Lean 2200 3 години таму
I learn more from youtube than i did from school
Stealth Plane
Stealth Plane 3 години таму
How do submarines dispose of trash?
Derek T.Y. Wu
Derek T.Y. Wu 4 години таму
Can you separate C from CO2??
scuzzjumper 4 години таму
How come lighters have more flint than fluid?
Bill Holland
Bill Holland 4 години таму
Slackers on submarines are derisively called “FLOBs”: Free-Loading Oxygen Breathers, meaning that the crew resents having to make oxygen for them.
Tim Dixon
Tim Dixon 4 години таму
thank you for showing the enenemy how we do that.
Blake Lewis
Blake Lewis 4 години таму
My dad accually served on the Toledo
ACHVACTAB1 4 години таму
I see we can apply the : "If it ant broke don't fix it" theory for subs !!!!!!! I see lots of old-school equipment around
RoBerry 4 години таму
Where did you get that sub model
Serious Shuck
Serious Shuck 4 години таму
So we are just making youtube videos for the non-quals now? That's how we're doing it now?
Luke Long
Luke Long 5 годин таму
Taught me more then school has
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 5 годин таму
Maidy 5 годин таму
All the men on the sub were helpful and surprisingly open to showing a lot on BYtown
soinhu foitu
soinhu foitu 5 годин таму
The Shortman
The Shortman 5 годин таму
I feel like i just learned more in 30 minutes than i learned in 4 years of high school.
BarrierForum Comedy
BarrierForum Comedy 5 годин таму
firefighters use sniffers too except ours are a lot different, they're more compact
bxcon • 7 Years ago
bxcon • 7 Years ago 5 годин таму
its cause were in a *simulation* duh...
Ken Nguyen
Ken Nguyen 5 годин таму
“You’re Oxygen creator” I love that line of the guy so much
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren 6 годин таму
I’ve never actually thought about this.
Morgan freeman
Morgan freeman 6 годин таму
National Geographic did this about 6 years ago.
NeoFryBoy 6 годин таму
23:35 It's a continuous batch process, so the liquid is pre-heated before moving into the boiler so as not to dramatically reduce the temperature of everything already in the boiler.
Isaac roman
Isaac roman 6 годин таму
Sub not boat but i guess you already know that
Tyrese King
Tyrese King 6 годин таму
Héctor Cancel
Héctor Cancel 6 годин таму
Thanks, Now I can build my own submarine!!
Benni Grote
Benni Grote 6 годин таму
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Tate Oh
Tate Oh 6 годин таму
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tomkat1983 6 годин таму
OMG ....My brain hurts ..... Incredible science !
doggi 7 годин таму
One word plant's its plant's right?
Larry 7 годин таму
It's been 30 years since I served on a submarine, and I can close my eyes and still smell amine and diesel fuel. Oh and wives HATED the smell. Most guys were made to strip outside before being allowed in the house, and then were made to scrub repeatedly in the shower before even being able to be in the same room with their wives. The smell never completely comes out of fabric.
radnukespeoplesminds 7 годин таму
That MEA reminds me of human bood. Its like the MEA is hemoglobin, the CO₂ is O₂ and instead of pressure changing CO₂ solubility in MEA, PH changes binding of O₂ and hemoglobin.
Jevgeni Bogatsev
Jevgeni Bogatsev 7 годин таму
That was interesting 👍
lowercase v
lowercase v 7 годин таму
Russian spies watching video about US submarine: _Interesting..._
aaaaa1957 7 годин таму
Thanks for this video. It’s very informative. I had it all wrong now I have a much better understanding of how it’s done. And a thanks to the men that run that can.
comic sans
comic sans 7 годин таму
*activates Russian accent* you see they don't make oxygen they just kill everyone from radiation poisoning before they run out of oxygen
Chris Hodowanec
Chris Hodowanec 7 годин таму
drunkNun 8 годин таму
Make sure you go back when they need to do a candle onload. SUPER fun....
Xavier Edwards
Xavier Edwards 8 годин таму
This video reminds me of childhood
Henry Taylor
Henry Taylor 8 годин таму
The tacky turtle perceptually back because help curiosly record at a absurd daisy. astonishing, fabulous arrow
Nick Brungard
Nick Brungard 8 годин таму
Idk if you covered it but if we have this tech why can't we make a smaller personal device to breathe underwater without O2 tanks?
SOLID SNAKE 8 годин таму
"I'm from Ohio! :D .... Oh.... Nice to meet you *awkwardly backing up *
Russell named cuby272 ;- ;
Russell named cuby272 ;- ; 8 годин таму
Put trees in your sub
Adriel 9 годин таму
Jesus died for your sins, repent and turn to him
Dominic Tõnisson
Dominic Tõnisson 9 годин таму
i have a method of my own: *w i n d o w*
Alex Isidro / Engineering & Life
Alex Isidro / Engineering & Life 9 годин таму
Submarines are engineering marvels. Change my mind.
Bill El
Bill El 9 годин таму
Always so very interesting and informative. Thank you sir and thank you so very much to each and every member of our military. Bless you for keeping us safe.
Booskop 9 годин таму
I guess they call them "clinkers" because the structure reminds a bit of clinker bricks.
LandedDownfalls 9 годин таму
At the beginning I thought bring tons of plants so they can take in your Co2
Gustavo Flores
Gustavo Flores 9 годин таму
Those guys are just trying to go past them lol
Dante Vahez Leicaf
Dante Vahez Leicaf 9 годин таму
I’m worried before COVID Bill gates Ted video was suggested frequently . And now this one :(
Ally Snipes
Ally Snipes 9 годин таму
They should plant trees in the sub 😂
Jan Steven van Dokkum
Jan Steven van Dokkum 10 годин таму
12:42 “Klinker” means masonry stone for use in pavements, although a fellow Dutchy probably already said so!
Little Siddharth
Little Siddharth 10 годин таму
What stops the oxygen candels from burning too quickly if there is such a thing? and is there an actual flame inside the container?
Clint 10 годин таму
hahahahaha they don't burn candles! hahahahaha those are for emergency situations! the environmental systems on the subs are MORE than capable of producing all the oxygen (and hydrogen) needed for the coners and the engine room.... i'll just leave it at that... if you're lighting those candles for real.... you're probably in a REAL BAD situation...
War Webdjilissina
War Webdjilissina 10 годин таму
I'm not going to watch the video but just wanted to say that if you run an electrical current threw water from point a to point b you get oxygen bubbles in the center. Now leave this technology to the imagination & you can invent many things to help a human breath under water. You can even create a rebreather under water is done correctly and safely.
Ramadhan Achmad Fajar
Ramadhan Achmad Fajar 10 годин таму
I might never need this, but I watched it anyway.
Giuseppe Piccinni
Giuseppe Piccinni 10 годин таму
Not to be dramatic but i would die for Princess Booper Snoot.
Derp Ataur
Derp Ataur 10 годин таму
I was really hoping you were gonna say that Subs had gills, not gonna lie.
Play with Junk
Play with Junk 10 годин таму
23:40 The misterious preheater is most likely a heat exchanger. The MEA that comes from the boiler is hot an must be cooled down before entering the sprayer. That heat is transferred to the rich MEA before entering the boiler.
Gustavo Cortiço
Gustavo Cortiço 10 годин таму
"So you're gonna light it?" "No, you are." That's why you do not conceal enthusiasm. So then good people can let you have fun.
Herr Burns
Herr Burns 11 годин таму
26:29 what are these wristband remote thingies called? I think i could use something like that.
kenzy Sostuuupid
kenzy Sostuuupid 11 годин таму
Where all my submariners at!
Ponder Rous
Ponder Rous 11 годин таму
They are using commercial off the shelf leak detection. That's smart. I have a different brand but I have a Bachmann for my system gas analyzer.
[Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist
[Creator of Secks] Rule 34 Artist 11 годин таму
ohh so that's why that bstrd using submarine never popped out and make me waiting in my Nakhimov untill the end of the match on Modern Warship....
Tab Valentino
Tab Valentino 11 годин таму
Great job man
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