Playing an RPG for the second time 

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Adventure awaits again.
The third installment of the RPG series - bytown.info/limo/PLKtIcOP0WvJB29YkQlSKhxwsab4JlysSj
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12 Стд 2021





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Joel Haver
Joel Haver 3 дні таму
This is by far my most involved animation yet, I’m so happy to see everyone enjoying. Big thanks to Trent for making it with me and keeping me company over discord over long hours of animating. I’m realizing now that people might see this before the first two, so here’s the whole series in one convenient playlist - bytown.info/limo/PLKtIcOP0WvJB29YkQlSKhxwsab4JlysSj
Nicholas Boadway
Nicholas Boadway Годину таму
i don't think anyone was expecting one of these to actually tie 3 other videos together, much less make the prior ones into worldbuilding that pays off here not just for the gags (it's still just as funny) but actually kinda hits your feels. this was just good writing wearing a "silly animation" suit: comedy gold on its own but an actually nice story (and even funnier) when taken in context. some people are gonna walk away with "AHHHHHHH" as he runs into the foreground screaming making them piss themselves, some of us are gonna get a little misty-eyed at that last "adventure awaits." just works on all levels.
MrVelaskes201 2 години таму
this is ebsynth right?
Mark Mywords
Mark Mywords 4 години таму
Was this done with AI?
Ringer-53 4 години таму
This is awesome, but you missed "The Giant" from the playlist, that's also part of the series afaik
ashton Wills
ashton Wills 7 годин таму
id like to see how you doit bro its so cool
twi57ed 2 хвіліны таму
j. 3 хвіліны таму
Guy kills town rat, kills a guy's son. Does not kill town rat and son, rat then proceeds to massacare the town and usurp the king
BURNING Pigion 6 хвілін таму
There can i buy this game?
J Rude
J Rude 16 хвілін таму
this was the first video in the series i watched and i felt like i was high as hell
K 20 хвілін таму
"oh fuck" lol
Organised Idiots
Organised Idiots 21 хвіліна таму
I love old mans voice
Brayden Frederick
Brayden Frederick 21 хвіліна таму
My first town.... again? Huh?
Dutch van der Linde
Dutch van der Linde 23 хвіліны таму
I appreciate Spot.
MLW!!9 30 хвілін таму
Renegade for life,
Soty Terry
Soty Terry 30 хвілін таму
That chill friendship with the giant is the best
Articspetsnaz 31 хвіліна таму
Re:zero plot be like
Jinxy uwu
Jinxy uwu 33 хвіліны таму
Biggest plot twist ever
Amante 38 хвілін таму
I hope you know this is a masterwork.
Adarsh 200
Adarsh 200 38 хвілін таму
Marshall went ratatatata
Max Sharpe
Max Sharpe 40 хвілін таму
Yooooo when I saw the Giant I audibly gasped
James Blip
James Blip 40 хвілін таму
This animation is as good as it is bad 😂👌
GunnZeug 44 хвіліны таму
I'm digging the good ending.
Hashim Mohd. Ibrahim
Hashim Mohd. Ibrahim 44 хвіліны таму
"You filthy rat! You shall be exterminated" This line gave me goosebumps...the feeling when teaming up with your mates in Witcher 3 against the wild hunt!
Griffen Solomon
Griffen Solomon 46 хвілін таму
This is mice and men shit rite here haha if I die at sea 🌊 know it was because of this lol
Nathan Sehl
Nathan Sehl 46 хвілін таму
Ok but does anybody actually recognize the music/inspo for this? Cuz it brings back ALL the feels
J Hess
J Hess 51 хвіліна таму
Bravo. Bravissimo
Jeff Unknown
Jeff Unknown 54 хвіліны таму
The old man is my favourite character.
Asykar Adiguna Mulia
Asykar Adiguna Mulia 55 хвілін таму
watching this on 144p, feel like a real game
Fox lenug
Fox lenug 59 хвілін таму
Nate D.
Nate D. Годину таму
May your heroic deeds be recorded in the scrolls of history for all to read, and may there be many ballads written and sung by countless bards throughout the kingdoms!
Luke Birrell
Luke Birrell Годину таму
This is fucking incredible
Random Guy
Random Guy Годину таму
Such a well crafted beautiful masterpeice. everything was hinted at until it all connected into a beautiful story. It would have not been so awe inspiring if we had not seen how everything had been before, however. To see the hero realize his own faults and make himself better for the sake of the kingdom, to see Marshall, a beloved town rat revealed to hate the kingdom and it's relative ordinary level of corruption. To realize that the hero's crimes before saved the kingdom from destruction, and that sometimes evil is needed to pave the way for good. But when Marshall succeeded, the hero realized that he was at odds with himself. He hated himself for his crimes against Marshall and the old man's son. He wanted to redeem himself but his redemption attempt lead to more death. He realized that he needed to have a new outlook, of kindness instead of violence. It was not his failure to kill Marshall that lead to the town's end, it was his failure to talk to him and befriend him. Now he must deal with the consequences, but never again will be make an enemy where he should've helped a new friend.
Skelzore Годину таму
My favorite anime
dawie botes
dawie botes Годину таму
You can keep these coming!! LOL
‘Murica 1776
‘Murica 1776 Годину таму
Am i the only one who thinks that this could be a pretty compelling plot for a real RPG?
Teroseth Годину таму
This gives me such a Sealab 2021/Frisky Dingo vibe.
Jerker Ranerfors
Jerker Ranerfors Годину таму
Jisses this was booring....
Do Fus
Do Fus Годину таму
Please make more if these!!! They're soooo goooood xD
The Londonesian
The Londonesian Годину таму
The new season of Re: Zero looks amazing
Smokimus Dankimus
Smokimus Dankimus Годину таму
Ehh, the last half got stupid.
Lydia 2 години таму
I love this so so much
really1337 2 години таму
Ah I see going for the scream speed run.
Matthew Boff
Matthew Boff 2 години таму
This was in my recommended and I thank you good sir for making this!
Zulioner 2 години таму
This is glorious! Can't wait to see the new projects!
Dustin Luong
Dustin Luong 2 години таму
1:40 best delivery
The Big Powerboss
The Big Powerboss 2 години таму
I felt that
Sufi Aiman
Sufi Aiman 2 години таму
The third time will be about player see how much they can push the boundary of this game.. how much destruction he can do, evil choice, and perhaps messing with bugs
BChillin 2 години таму
Woah, the new season of adventure time kinda slaps
breadsmith 32
breadsmith 32 2 години таму
Can't wait for the third time
Meggsie 2 години таму
Pwnzistor 2 години таму
I would have liked it better without all of the yelling
JPLeo 2 години таму
I still don't get the healthbar thing, maybe im too much of an ESL, or is it intentionally nonsensical and pseudo-philosophical?
Posh Panda
Posh Panda 2 години таму
I need more of this series.
Damen Roher
Damen Roher 3 години таму
I'm having fun. Are you having fun? This is fun.
bigBoycole 3 години таму
Witcher feels like
Jackob_ The_Bored
Jackob_ The_Bored 3 години таму
I really shouldn't have started this series from the second instalment. I had no idea what was going on. Enjoed it though.
Itami Takuto
Itami Takuto 3 години таму
0:43 "The town is on fire! Oh man, I'm cumming!"
The Sleepinmokey
The Sleepinmokey 3 години таму
WTF is this! And why do I love it so much!
Nikolaus Wijngard
Nikolaus Wijngard 3 години таму
Please continue.
LIFEAFTER FANS X 3 години таму
sportx bruh-trm
sportx bruh-trm 3 години таму
Is this a filter or something? Its amazing. This trilogy is the best btw.
Bruh 3 години таму
3:09 that actually gave me chills and got me so fucking hyped wtf
Gage Winfree
Gage Winfree 3 години таму
0:29 Did that sign say Belleview? Probably a long shot that it’s the same one he got the name for but I live in belleview florida lol
Pelinal Whitestrake
Pelinal Whitestrake 3 години таму
I do believe I am in the wrong part of Cyrodiil again. I do hope Sir Amiel is faring well...
Scape 55
Scape 55 3 години таму
Perfection. Also, I'd love an RPG where you just chill with everyone and hang out watching the sunset.
Alexandre Campos
Alexandre Campos 3 години таму
So in the first save he destroyed the plot by killing marshal, good thing he gave the game a second chance.
younas qureshi
younas qureshi 3 години таму
so is no one going to talk about the loading cursor at 2:34 ?
EpicUltraKingSmizzy 3 години таму
This is amazing. Top tier content. Never stop. "You are important and you have value!"
MoonGangster 3 години таму
What brings you to this video?
Sabastian Slade
Sabastian Slade 4 години таму
I stop by here to remind myself what true art is.
GoldenHatGames [Studios]
GoldenHatGames [Studios] 4 години таму
i don't know what this is but i love it.
Your wifes boyfriend
Your wifes boyfriend 4 години таму
This is some shit you watched when you were 10 and woke up to adult swim for the first time
TheOofmeister 4 години таму
watching this video for the 5th time
Dee Jay
Dee Jay 4 години таму
This is a masterpiece
Ramgladore 4 години таму
I just started making a Jacob avatar for VRChat. I'm gonna run around yelling HUZAAHHHHHHH!!!!
Gage Tollett
Gage Tollett 4 години таму
Theres something about this animation style...
Jean-Louis ROUSSELET 4 години таму
Claus Obv
Claus Obv 4 години таму
Honestly very charming and amazing work. Never ceases to put a smile on my face. Hope you continue to make things. Adventure Awaits.
BaggSouls 4 години таму
Marshal is evil now, he has a *GUN*
Craft Smith
Craft Smith 4 години таму
I love you for this. Thank you.
TurtlesInTheSky 4 години таму
Holy shit
RhapsodyRain 4 години таму
These are great, you know what's even better. Me subscribing, which I just did. Adventure. Awaits.
Bart Dillen
Bart Dillen 4 години таму
instant classic
Nathan Lim
Nathan Lim 4 години таму
I needed this. This was the good ending.
Mr. 5 годин таму
This needs to be a real game
dema dezba
dema dezba 5 годин таму
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA "You are important and have value" *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*
Charkles 5 годин таму
Just realized the farmer from episode 2 is just maniacally screaming
Jermaine Salvador
Jermaine Salvador 5 годин таму
Love how it returns back to "The Giant"
ManBearPigeon 5 годин таму
This gives me some hardcore mid 2000's Adult Swim vibes.
Ocellatus 5 годин таму
This is impressive :o
lolwithme36dd 5 годин таму
I fucking love these cartoons
Some Guy
Some Guy 5 годин таму
Can we talk about the town signs having Texas names 😂
Crawmerax 101
Crawmerax 101 5 годин таму
What The Fuck did I just watch? This is the most Uncanny shit I've seen
Paul Miranda
Paul Miranda 5 годин таму
Now where's that guy that saids "Justice for Marshall"
TheReaverOfDarkness 5 годин таму
What is this animation style and how does it work?
Glenn Davey
Glenn Davey 5 годин таму
"by the gods!"
John Cunningham
John Cunningham 5 годин таму
What is this animation style? Did you film yourself and then rotoscope or something?
Brian Bubk
Brian Bubk 5 годин таму
How was Mr. Haver able to rotoscope this, what software did he use this is extremely important.
vulkein 5 годин таму
PLEASE MAKE THIS INTO A TSHIRT THAT SAYS "Adventure Awaits"... i.imgur.com/d6dIMg9.png
A Gordon
A Gordon 5 годин таму
Deepest Lore.........
Bloodmancer 5 годин таму
"Marshall has a gun now!"
xLukaz 5 годин таму
This has more character development than the entirety of TLOU 2 and the Star Wars Sequel triology. But then again, it's not fair to compare this masterpiece to that filth.
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 5 годин таму
Grayson DuBose
Grayson DuBose 6 годин таму
So you kill Marshall but not the son
vliduu zeeb
vliduu zeeb 5 годин таму
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