I Survived On $0.01 For 1 Week - Day 3 

Ryan Trahan
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7 days. 1 penny. day 3. 0 fricks left to give.
learn more about CTFB ► www.centraltexasfoodbank.org/
support Front Steps ► frontsteps.org/
gaming channel ► bytown.info/rock/rsWFuc2aoqavadQ/v-d-a.html




7 Тра 2021





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yikes Дзень таму
wow ryan, penny challenge and you have a thousand dollar phone at your disposal, and you're very handsome looking? you're doing a great job. and honestly the fact that you're 5' 8" doesn't even make you less of a man
Elieelleez 3 години таму
Kerwin Yeo
Kerwin Yeo 3 години таму
Gas Wolf
Gas Wolf 3 години таму
A penny to a million dollars would be crazy literally
Rosé 3 години таму
Lets see how many subs can i get from this comment Current subs: 88 I'm not a bot (´꒳`)
UwU Cat
UwU Cat 3 години таму
@Lightning Squad hmmm sus
foxylia playz
foxylia playz 2 години таму
Lilly Boston
Lilly Boston 2 години таму
What do pirates say when there 80? I eyity
YoJustGotHere 2 години таму
mongoose? more like moms booze
Azerty 2 години таму
i love this seriie.
X2-H3 2 години таму
this all happened because of Quinn....
Saiful and Amani Hassan
Saiful and Amani Hassan 2 години таму
An impaster
Artichoke22 2 години таму
13:30 only funny part of the video.
Saiful and Amani Hassan
Saiful and Amani Hassan 2 години таму
Oh you should have a rest then
Hero 2 години таму
Didn't you already do something like this and then failed?
Omar Bedak
Omar Bedak 2 години таму
@1TVU watch this for the cutest animal vid and funny kittens 🥰
Saiful and Amani Hassan
Saiful and Amani Hassan 2 години таму
Great 👍singing
Rainel Andrei Alinas
Rainel Andrei Alinas 2 години таму
The fish joke could be funny if there's subtitles
instantsurgery 2 години таму
The irony is he’s kind of proving Poor people don’t have an excuse
PRIMEX 2 години таму
ryan what song is that at the start?
Saiful and Amani Hassan
Saiful and Amani Hassan 2 години таму
Hello 👋my name is Amani and I am your biggest fan cause I have subscribed,👍liked and turned on post 📪notifications bye 👋peace ✌out
ExoSpaceTurtle 2 години таму
He should call us Trahees
Karla Dimapilis
Karla Dimapilis 2 години таму
Pls day four
Alex Korkotyan
Alex Korkotyan 2 години таму
Ayyyyy 1# trending
LADY Goatness
LADY Goatness 2 години таму
𝘐'𝘮 𝘴𝘶𝘣𝘴𝘤𝘳𝘪𝘣𝘪𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘦𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘦 𝘵𝘩𝘢𝘵 𝘭𝘪𝘬𝘦𝘴 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘦𝘯𝘵
IRҽαԃTσσMυƈԋMαɳɠα 2 години таму
Imagine telling an introvert to do this
Açelya 2 години таму
Bu videoyu sırf trendlere girdi diye ingilizce bile olsa (hiçbişi anlamasa da) izkeyen tek ben olamam heralde hjvfjhfghlyhjpo
Ghost Oxy
Ghost Oxy 2 години таму
your jokes are so unfunny sorry but its true
Ana 2 години таму
Next video should be “I Survived Skid Row for a Week”
Jan Bigso
Jan Bigso 2 години таму
Some pilipinos be like: how did he buy that with just 16 sanaol....
IN•sanity Official
IN•sanity Official 2 години таму
Those corny jokes made me laugh
Teu Ngarti
Teu Ngarti 2 години таму
Wow, i touched
Tony Stark
Tony Stark 2 години таму
That background music is so catchy!? What's it's name
meese man
meese man 2 години таму
Apply for a job at maccas
Hatim Theys
Hatim Theys 2 години таму
What do you call a titan that can't swim? A titanic
Elf Sister’s
Elf Sister’s 2 години таму
In Drake
AJ Boss
AJ Boss 2 години таму
Where’s day 4
GodBaldur 2 години таму
10:07 What did she say? 🤨📸
Fire Flame Gaming
Fire Flame Gaming 3 години таму
r3drift 3 години таму
a white cute boy asking for help.. lol you realize this is not the experience most poc homeless and even poor whites have in the streets w/people helping. LOL the things people do for views and the way people through around charity for PR and monetization. GROSS
Drizzy Dubs1
Drizzy Dubs1 3 години таму
Call us the trahan gang
ConversationsWithSax 3 години таму
Where’s day 4?
W O L F 3 години таму
8:21 i felt the cringe
wesley Sophie
wesley Sophie 3 години таму
*DANTECHIES* on !G, Deserve to be Rewarded. For him been helpful to people..
wesley Sophie
wesley Sophie 3 години таму
*DANTECHIES* on !G, Deserve to be Rewarded. For him been helpful to people..
Alana davey
Alana davey 3 години таму
I sub
VhYhX 3 години таму
This series is so goooid
Radioactive Gaming
Radioactive Gaming 3 години таму
This is an amazing series! It's cool how he makes just a penny into more than 50 dollars in 2 days! Keep up the good work!
Elieelleez 3 години таму
Your probably making part 4 rn
LEKS GAMING 3 години таму
We can be your trahan troops :) keep being awesome
Benny Benny and David
Benny Benny and David 3 години таму
For a moth plsssss not for a week for a month plss
Khairan Persie
Khairan Persie 3 години таму
3:18 Ur Not Stupid UR SMART
Neox 3 години таму
His not joking :🤠
Rs Vids
Rs Vids 3 години таму
Heres an idea. Call your fans the trahanators.
caydancaydan 3 години таму
i’m sorry but the second hand embarrassment the whole $1 joke segment was, WOW
Noah .1352
Noah .1352 3 години таму
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 3 години таму
This guy could live on a penny forever and become a billionaire from the videos
HMR 3 години таму
Those Corny Jokes were making me anxious.. 😅😅 Anybody Else ?
God Jaich Leal Ante La Muerte
God Jaich Leal Ante La Muerte 3 години таму
I speak Spanish and not English Hay alguien que hable español
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 3 години таму
Is this man literally eating anything but McChickens
JowBreaKer 3 години таму
the fact that this is a fundraiser, just makes me feel so deep bro
George Woodley
George Woodley 3 години таму
His hoover joke sucked
Hello I'm krita
Hello I'm krita 3 години таму
Hello I'm krita Gamer❤️🥳🤘
Sub Cultural
Sub Cultural 3 години таму
As long as you have a nice home to go back to everything is funny. Gtfo
Neo Dela Cruz
Neo Dela Cruz 3 години таму
i laugh at the jokes
Optimis gaming
Optimis gaming 3 години таму
Pingin tau ada orang Indonesia apa enggak🗿🇮🇩
Marwa Elannani
Marwa Elannani 3 години таму
youtube needs more content like this!!!
Ryle 3 години таму
Dude my heart dropped when that guy got angry I was soo scared lol
Pets Cloud
Pets Cloud 3 години таму
Hi Ryan ..this is the first time I watch your video...I appreciate you...this video is super..I hope I will meet you one day ...love from India
Ringtone2020 3 години таму
Me too, I am also big fan of Ryan love from Ind
Nathan Louis
Nathan Louis 3 години таму
When is 4 day
Ronan Leask
Ronan Leask 3 години таму
I do it This is way to hard
Feral Cyclone
Feral Cyclone 3 години таму
How are you all doing?, I hope you all have an amazing day, and I pray for all of the homeless people to not be homeless one day (soon hopefully), good day or good night
Ahmed Mtair
Ahmed Mtair 3 години таму
Joe died who’s joe joes mama
Tomnaki R’us
Tomnaki R’us 3 години таму
Teacher: Everybody Click Number 5 On Your Keyboard
Simo Leijola
Simo Leijola 3 години таму
Is this man literally eating anything but McChickens
Bacon Egs
Bacon Egs 3 години таму
13:20 yoy should have sued rht man for making a (bad) joke and taking ur money oh no u should sue that man tbh
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson 4 години таму
JotWhore 4 години таму
this is a cool series and it's 3rd on trending xD
Rhoda Chukwu
Rhoda Chukwu 4 години таму
i kinda felt bad for hi when that girl said his jokes r bad and there a not funny
Sarah Becerra
Sarah Becerra 4 години таму
I know her name you can call your subscribers!!! the "ryguys" good right!😁😆🤙🏼
Daiman Webb
Daiman Webb 4 години таму
So..question. If you’re only living off of a penny how is it that your clothes change? Did you buy new clothes? And how do you maintain good hygiene? Do you shower at the YMCA? Did you buy a new toothbrush and toothpaste with a penny? And how does your hair look so nice after only living off of oh who am I kidding I already know the answer to all these questions.
Marcus Graham
Marcus Graham 4 години таму
Me dying inside 8:40
Marcus Graham
Marcus Graham 4 години таму
Me dying inside 8.40
Inosuke Hashibira
Inosuke Hashibira 4 години таму
12:17 did they just wave bye at the same time
AL4X 4NDER 4 години таму
you should wash cars
Nightbot 4 години таму
did u just violate rule 2
Distilled Vortex
Distilled Vortex 4 години таму
Having to explain a joke is the worst thing that can happen to a person
karan b
karan b 4 години таму
Why don’t dinosaurs talk because they are dead awkward silence.
Danielle Long
Danielle Long 4 години таму
Name us the Trahan Fam
Modero 4 години таму
The corny jokes, noooooo
lu ja
lu ja 4 години таму
Your jokes must such ass!
Remaster Dierise
Remaster Dierise 4 години таму
At least he isn't trying to flex
Axel Dean Walton
Axel Dean Walton 4 години таму
The joke part gave me second hand embaressment I cringed so hard I stopped watching
WE PES 4 години таму
Joke :D
karan b
karan b 4 години таму
I love how whenever he laughs there’s just ggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Keeping up with the Jones’s
Keeping up with the Jones’s 4 години таму
Best series ever and I love it how the money is going to fundraiser for Texas food bank
Jendrick 4 години таму
I just realized u get many money on the place quinn gave u 20 bucks on this video ppl gave u 7 bucks
Peter O'Malley
Peter O'Malley 4 години таму
You should call us “The Trays”
Strawberry Bear
Strawberry Bear 4 години таму
Part 4 pleasee
mfuciy 4 години таму
Buy a car
Keeping up with the Jones’s
Keeping up with the Jones’s 4 години таму
Ryan that man should not of said give me all your money right now your jokes are amazing you just need to improve he’s probably a person he’s jealous because he doesn’t have any money he shouldn’t of said your Jokes are terrible You just need to improve and your jokes you do we are here Ryan for you
Carl Denver
Carl Denver 4 години таму
my penny
Bruno Ninja 2007
Bruno Ninja 2007 4 години таму
When will u upload?
qwerz studio
qwerz studio 4 години таму
I dare u to survive on $1 after this
Let’s Talk About It
Let’s Talk About It 4 години таму
Reminds me of my 18-19 year old days. You’re really living life. Stay you, stay loving life, and stay positive!! 🙌
Juan Camacho
Juan Camacho 5 годин таму
12:30 the sad face he gave
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