Blake VS Mikasa (RWBY VS Attack on Titan) | DEATH BATTLE! 

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These high-flying monster-slayers are destined to clash swords!
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3 Тра 2021





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Plypox Carbon
Plypox Carbon 8 хвілін таму
DigitalAlpha 12 хвілін таму
This was irrelevant and stupid
JU5T1CE Годину таму
Your kidding me right? I mean for real though! This was another completely unfair Death Battle. Just like the Tracer vs Scout Death Battle. Everyone and they mamma knew Blake would win this. The decision was made before the video started. The referee had already counted to 3, proceeded to count to 10, and raised Blake’s hand as soon as the bell rung. This was a complete mismatch.
SirKillalot98 37 хвілін таму
@JU5T1CE Exactly what I'm saying. RWBY hate and AOT hype led to people just rallying for Blake to lose. It is just some people say "Why did you do this? Blake stomps!" Because some idiots don't believe that.
JU5T1CE 44 хвіліны таму
It’s not gray at all. Those people were just being biased and not thinking logically. Mikasa is a lot more popular than Blake and AOT is way more popular than RWBY. When you actually do the numbers (skill, fighting prowess, powers, abilities, etc) instead of being biased, the winner was already decided.
SirKillalot98 58 хвілін таму
It is more gray than you think. You should have seen twitter. They went completely ballistic thinking that 'BLAKE IS WEAK AND A JOBBER. RIGGED' or check the livestream and their Mikasa supporters.
Gabriel Kaplan
Gabriel Kaplan Годину таму
I love death battle but I have to say one thing: you guys do way too many anime battles. Can you please do more DC v MARVEL?
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
They did 4 of these fights last year. And 10 matchups in the last season had either a Marvel vs DC character. I don't mind taking a break because at least we get multiple anime series, instead of the same two comic franchises.
油Giygas64天 Годину таму
This makes the poor animation from the last episode feel even more disrespectful to Tekken and Fatal Fury and popular fighting games in general. Y'all didn't even try on that one, not with the research or the animation. You didn't even use Heihachi's original & retro design. I give the last episode a fat 0/10 for the disrespect.
pillullis Годину таму
Oh look, a RWBY character winning against a character who would clearly beat them. Nothing biased here, no sir.
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
Many people believed the opposite, but care to explain how Mikasa could have worked?
Obi-Wan Kenobi
Obi-Wan Kenobi Годину таму
If Blake got her arm cut off, she would immediately go into shock. That's not the kind of thing characters just get up and walk off even going by the canon in RWBY.
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
Well it is just an animation not an accurate simulation.
Peacecraft117 Годину таму
Do you wanna go to war Balakay?
Marcus Hayes
Marcus Hayes 2 години таму
johnny gat vs trevor phillips, all I'm saying..
JohnCruz Eskridge Comedy
JohnCruz Eskridge Comedy 2 години таму
Jesus... Has every RWBY character one so far? Did Weiss win hers? I forget... Wtf rooster teeth... I love y'all but come on
SirKillalot98 55 хвілін таму
I don't think this was a shameless plug. RWBY was treated as just a regular franchise as were a usual episode. It's not when they initially were going to promote WW84 for She-Ra vs Diana until the movie got delayed.
JohnCruz Eskridge Comedy
JohnCruz Eskridge Comedy Годину таму
@SirKillalot98 ads that are inserted for other things paying for the episode is just fine, having ads on the video on BYtown to pay for it, is fine, THE SHAMELESS PLUGS are unacceptable... Just stop trying have me see it your way, cuz it ain't happening
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
Weiss vs Mitsuru was a pretty fun episode tame death aside. Blake vs Mikasa was only brought down by the frame rate. They kind of need to use ads to keep their series afloat. RWBY wasn't specifically promoted here unlike the Ruby vs Ragna thing. Basic sponsors but as with some episodes, they usually tie into some media that happened nearby. Doing a match to commemorate both RWBY and AOT's recent seasons. Especially since they considered doing this match since 2018 but it kept getting delayed.
JohnCruz Eskridge Comedy
JohnCruz Eskridge Comedy Годину таму
@SirKillalot98 you obviously don't understand why I'm mad, and I'm not trying to argue with someone on BYtown. All I'm trying to say, is every RWBY appearance so far has been, frustrating to say the least. If you want to include characters from your own series feel free, but tacking on ads/trying to over hype your series is just dumb. And yeah they aren't afraid to let their characters lose in general otherwise they'd be God damn marry sues
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
I used Inuyasha and Bakugo as an example of. "They are willing to let their mascots be animated dying." A research sense didn't matter. Your last point feels like grasping straws. "A win is bias even if RWBY earned the victory" "A loss is bias because it was a specific opponent". Mitsuru is beloved in the Persona fandom, but do casuals care about Persona 3 much compared to 4 and 5? Especially a side character. Also people went berserk over the more beloved Mikasa losing. Can't you just take Yang vs Tifa as one mistake and move on? It has been almost 6 years at this point.
bubbajoe117 2 години таму
Not to be too negative, the fight itself was cool, but that ending was derpy as hell.
RdySego 2 години таму
New thumbnail huh
Mr Dee Pop
Mr Dee Pop 3 години таму
New thumbnail nice one
Rodorick Brown
Rodorick Brown 3 години таму
He called my man a "Bootleg Virgil" 🤣🤣🤣
666stryder666 3 години таму
Oh look another biased fight set up for RWBY characters to win.
SirKillalot98 2 години таму
Weiss lost to Mitsuru. Also blame the people who requested this fight for almost 6 years and then rage on twitter about it being rigged. "BLAKE ISN'T STRONG. SHE IS JOBBER"
DrippyAmvs新 3 години таму
Darlan Jorge
Darlan Jorge 3 години таму
Vandali5m 4 години таму
Raiden from metal gear vs Ryu Hayabusa
Ajawan Townes
Ajawan Townes 4 години таму
This was an uneven battle
Adrian Fabbri
Adrian Fabbri 4 години таму
> Rooster teeth character vs Anime character > Rooster teeth character won How convenient
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
But you didn't specify for only DB.
Adrian Fabbri
Adrian Fabbri Годину таму
@SirKillalot98 isn't DBX a spinoff?
SirKillalot98 2 години таму
Weiss lost to Mitsuru. Blake and Yang have also lost on DBX so their record is 3-3.
Jet Stream
Jet Stream 4 години таму
Eren likes the video*
Rashad Maloney
Rashad Maloney 4 години таму
I knew she won, once she lost the arm because....anime logic
Hydr0 Scorpion
Hydr0 Scorpion 4 години таму
Po vs iron fist.... is this even a match? 😂
Martin Kuira
Martin Kuira 4 години таму
That's BS put Levi there she wouldn't last
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
They scaled Mikasa to Levi in speed and she still lost. Levi isn't too durable having almost died from a Thunder Spear explosion. He also hasn't faced titans more durable than a generous take on Armor.
Yeet at the speed of light
Yeet at the speed of light 2 години таму
Levi doesn't stand a chance either.
real woll
real woll 4 години таму
Alita vs Mikoto
Son Of Sanguinius
Son Of Sanguinius 4 години таму
So the unrealistic bish that nobody knows wins over Mikasa? what a suprise....
Tonton Nacu
Tonton Nacu 4 години таму
This is a piece of garbage.
King Silver
King Silver 4 години таму
This was disappointing Mikasa felt weak for a person that travels at high speed, attacking from multiple directions, now she seems very linear. you guys turn a Tiger into a kitten. while blake.....nothing really felt different it was like the series which I guess makes sense but unbalance.
Commander Vayne
Commander Vayne 4 години таму
Not even going to watch this episode and I can safely assume the Blake wins since DB has a clear Rooster Teeth bias.
Bowraga 4 години таму
Kinda a weird match up. Mikasa is barely superhuman while the baseline in RWBY is well beyond what a normal human can do. In a real fight the difference in speed alone would mean it would be completely one sided
Sub Zero
Sub Zero 4 години таму
Don't you just hate watching your favorites lose in a death battle. Ik I do but I guess this time she was truly out matched
Niidodae 5 годин таму
Saya Kisaragi VS Saya Otonashi !!! PLEASE!!!!!
boosted monkey
boosted monkey 5 годин таму
Alex Mercer vs Venom
Dustin Tankerskey
Dustin Tankerskey 5 годин таму
No NO NO NO NO No Noone beats Mikasa!
Sticky Joe & CR8ZY 8’s Forge
Sticky Joe & CR8ZY 8’s Forge 5 годин таму
Batman vs Ironman
Amarrion Ferguson
Amarrion Ferguson 5 годин таму
Vageta vs Thor😳plzz😔
jonathan perea
jonathan perea 5 годин таму
Why have you never done Gandalf vs Dumbledore?
Neddie Spaghetti
Neddie Spaghetti 5 годин таму
obvs blake was gonna win >_>
Jude Fede
Jude Fede 5 годин таму
Death battle get this straight Mikasa IS NOT on the same level as Levi saying she can "Keep up with him" now she probably can but season 1 to 3 she can't not even in that cave that had the crystals it doesn't take skills to make the odm gear to go faster but it takes skills to control it at high speed
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
Basically them being generous to Mikasa and still losing pretty badly. Only a slight upgrade in speed. There isn't any strong implications that Levi is too ahead of Mikasa, besides one at base is more experienced than the other.
Pedro CruzRoman
Pedro CruzRoman 5 годин таму
Elsa vs Maui
Kalief Foster
Kalief Foster 6 годин таму
This is gonna give more reasons to not like RWBY isn't it?
Gabriel Watson
Gabriel Watson 6 годин таму
I feel like Mugen VS. No Name would be a pretty fair match up. I would really like to see Hyakkimaru against someone of the same caliber.
TheCrnic 6 годин таму
(T-800) Terminator 2 VS. (Nemesis) Resident Evil 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brady Sneed
Brady Sneed 6 годин таму
day 1231283 of asking for minecraft steve vs recruit from fortnight
Selterwin 6 годин таму
I'm so happy Blake won!!!!!!
Adam Leach
Adam Leach 6 годин таму
Damn that animation was dope!
Yeah aight
Yeah aight 6 годин таму
A superhuman vs a regular skilled human is like putting Mike Tyson against Mike Tyson with super soldier serum
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
More like Mike Tyson with a drop of serum vs Mike Tyson with the entire bottle. Mikasa can still block bullets and lift 10000lbs of steel.
Bruh 6 годин таму
Why didnt you give Mikasa the new ODM gear tho?
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
@Bruh It didn't make a difference. They don't make Mikasa significantly faster or durable. Guns are considered less damaging than the Thunder Spears, their only perk is more ammo. But Blake would have dodged that anyway.
Ramono Siqs
Ramono Siqs 6 годин таму
omniman vs homelander
farhenheit628of1200 6 годин таму
Damn that was brutal.
Bakugo 6 годин таму
Girl fights always have to realistic🙄
Jonesingaround 7 годин таму
Also is this misplaced foreshadowing for Blake in Vol 9?
Jonesingaround 7 годин таму
Katara vs Juvia Lockser
Chat Noir
Chat Noir 7 годин таму
That was just unfair, Blake doesn't even normally use dust in her fights on RWBY.
Calvin J
Calvin J 7 годин таму
Omni-Man vs Homelander I know who's gonna win, I just wanna see that little blond bastard get taken apart.
Raw Piece
Raw Piece 7 годин таму
This was such a good animation, I love the style that they did with these characters. My only gripe is now that you show Po vs. Iron fist I want to see a 3d animation of that more
David Wright
David Wright 7 годин таму
Queen xenomorph next.
Bildnis DS
Bildnis DS 7 годин таму
Don't even need to watch the video to know who's gonna win. So, which rwby character are they gonna have win next?
jonah stirbis
jonah stirbis 7 годин таму
How many times has wiz died?
Bob The Rage King
Bob The Rage King 7 годин таму
This death battle was more one sided and possibly the most unfair fight here Blake face about more monsters that are bigger and smarter then Titans, she also has 4 weapons in one, and super powers to boot. Mikasa had what? Titan brain power, and two Katanas? Let's not forget the part where Blake shook off her arm being cut off like it was nothing. Just like that, as if she can just simply regrow/get a new one.
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
I don't think Aura can regrow bodyparts otherwise Yang wouldn't have needed Ironwood's help.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 7 годин таму
Mikasa isn’t programmed, Eren made that up to push her away, using the fact that she loves him so much that protecting him is a subconscious action already
Ms. Morow
Ms. Morow 7 годин таму
😭😭😭 look. I already had to take in losing Eren. I can’t see Mikasa too 🥺🥺
MegaWargreymon 7 годин таму
The Flash (DC) VS Kabal (Mortal Kombat)
Jason haag
Jason haag 7 годин таму
Next time on death battle: find out just how dirty Netflix did iron fist lol
Matthew Writer
Matthew Writer 7 годин таму
3:50 ...we have been told that the very last Death Battle ever will be Wiz vs. Broomstick, yet now we know that Wiz can and has cloned himself...meaning that it will be a fight between one Broomstick and an army of Wiz.
abbsnn cose
abbsnn cose 7 годин таму
This fight was a waste of time. Why would they match Mikasa up with someone so far above her level? Quite disappointing.
TM Punk
TM Punk 7 годин таму
Saitama vs Superman Goku vs Sentry Freezer/Frieza vs Brainiac Bardock vs Minato Harley Quinn vs Juliet Starling Gohan vs Superboy Dio vs Hit Broly vs Asura Goku Black vs Regimen Superman
Yelling Man
Yelling Man 7 годин таму
Honestly I hope PO WINS
CouchPotatoCNPB 7 годин таму
As soon as I saw this matchup: "...This is gonna come down to Aura being broken again, isn't it?"
Timothy Van Den Dikkenberg
Timothy Van Den Dikkenberg 7 годин таму
Idea for death battle: Lara Croft (Tomb Raider) vs Sonya Blade (Mortal Kombat)
Matti the God Eater Smash Bro
Matti the God Eater Smash Bro 7 годин таму
They changed the thumbnail
CouchPotatoCNPB 7 годин таму
*Sees Mikasa's last feat* "...I know they started with a spoiler warning, but they're gonna bring that up again in this introduction, right? There's no way they'd drop that exclusively as unnecessary background text...right?"
Justin DynamicD
Justin DynamicD 8 годин таму
Wow, best animation job yet! Death Battle get an upgrade?
BigHeadClan 8 годин таму
Hmmm I need to re-watch Clone High now.
DrazenBita [Subratsen]
DrazenBita [Subratsen] 8 годин таму
Alpha_Chaos213 8 годин таму
Usopp vs Hawkeye?
Sonally Our Lord and Savior
Sonally Our Lord and Savior 8 годин таму
Spoiler alert: The girl in black hair wins
R. Babylon
R. Babylon 8 годин таму
Alucard (Hellsing) vs Gojo (Jujutsu Kaisen)
Yeet at the speed of light
Yeet at the speed of light 8 годин таму
I am heavily confused with your calculation on Reiner destroying the wall. The height of the wall is NOT 30 meters, in both of the scans you gave, there are 2 story buildings right next to the wall. Scaling the height of that building to it's door, which we'll assume to be 2 meters in height, the the building is 2.5x the height of that building, and the gate itself ( referring to the scan where it's already destroyed by Reiner because in the second scan, the gate is raised, making it seem taller than it actually is ) is also 2.5x the height of that building, so since the building is 5 meters that means the gate is 12.5 meters. Scaling the building up to top of the hole that Reiner made, we can see that the damage Reiner made is only 10 meters in height, the length for it is 12.5 meters and the thickness of the wall is 10 meters, that means that Reiner only violently fragmented around 785.39816339745 cubic meters of rock, which is 785398163.397450089 cubic centimeters of rock, and taking your value of 69 j/cm, that makes it around 54192473274.424056141 joules or 12.95231196807473 tons of tnt, which is BARELY past Large Building level. BUT WAIT, the gate has a passage way that takes away at LEAST 25% of the volume of the gate, which means that the amount of rock Reiner violently fragmented is actually 589.048622548 cubic meters which is 589048622.5480001 cubic centimeter. 69x589048622.5480001 is 40644354955.8120069 joules or 9.714233976054604 tonnes of tnt, which is only Large Building level.
Yeet at the speed of light
Yeet at the speed of light 8 годин таму
the passage way of the gate SHOULD take away 50% of the volume at most, so the amount of power it took to destroy the gate is actually way lower than 9 tonnes of tnt, but I just said 25% to make it a little bit more impressive
JCvgluvr 8 годин таму
This fight was a waste of time. Why would they match Mikasa up with someone so far above her level? Quite disappointing.
The CEO Of Irony
The CEO Of Irony 8 годин таму
how was this fair? Ymir would have been a better match tbh
TheDaddyD10 8 годин таму
Yeah sure, blake looses to a centipede, but is able to beat mikasa.... i dont buy it
Dylan Fannon
Dylan Fannon 8 годин таму
link to this instrumental @ 16:00?
Mikey Kaboom
Mikey Kaboom 8 годин таму
If Wiz can infinitely clone himself why can't he grow his arm back.
Kuro 8 годин таму
As a fan of both series, I figured Blake would win due to her abilities
Naheem Quattlebaum
Naheem Quattlebaum 9 годин таму
I caught that Invincible reference.
Justice Smith
Justice Smith 9 годин таму
Can we get Omni-man (invincible) v Jiren the grey (dbs)
kevin martinez
kevin martinez 9 годин таму
Do Gojo Satoru VS Naruto
coreyon davis
coreyon davis 9 годин таму
Michael Lyle
Michael Lyle 9 годин таму
So what are Po’s limits exactly? Will he be capable of using his chi dragon from the third movie? Or is that only possible in the spirit realm? I only ask because we never really saw chi manifested outside of the body in the mortal realm unless you count Kai’s jombies. And even they seemed more like animated jade puppets moved by chi inside of them.
SirKillalot98 Годину таму
They are going to use both tv series so Paws of Destiny Po and before will be fine.
Anime Otaku
Anime Otaku 9 годин таму
I think broomstick just learned what racism is
Ry G
Ry G 9 годин таму
Po vs iron fist who is hyped
Julio Rosal
Julio Rosal 9 годин таму
Its a no brainer who would win Magic and might vs might alone Also underwhelming fight, no swordplay, just plain ribbon swinging? All in all boring fight, good animation though
Mega Bolt
Mega Bolt 9 годин таму
Matt Brody
Matt Brody 9 годин таму
If only Blake still fought like this in the actual show...
Elrad Asante
Elrad Asante 10 годин таму
Next up a guy that can crush anyone with has fist vs a a fat panda
Weirdest Budday
Weirdest Budday 10 годин таму
What's with all these one-sided fights? I can call it before watching the video...
Mykolageto 10 годин таму
bruhh..... Who comes up with these fights?? Kung Fu Panda vs Iron Fist?? A Panda who can barely walk up the stairs?? Po isnt even the best fighter in his universe. smh.... Stupid matchup....
DarthMetool 10 годин таму
I humbly request a match up between: The Mask VS BoBoBo-Bo BoBo-Bo
Joann Ochman
Joann Ochman 10 годин таму
Idk if you guys do characters based off of comments but I would love to see incredibles vs fantastic 4 sly cooper vs Nathan drake and Rico Rodriguez from the just cause series vs the main character from crysis 3.
john green
john green 10 годин таму
hey i have an idea for a death battle. i wanted to know if you could do tricky for madness combat vs some other guy.