Lil Nas X - MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) (Official Video) 

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Official video for “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” by Lil Nas X. Listen + Download: “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” out now lilnasx.lnk.to/Montero - Put headphones on for a simulated 360 Reality Audio experience.

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Song Produced By Take A Daytrip, Omer Fedi, Roy Lenzo
Director: Tanu Muino & Lil Nas X
Written By: Lil Nas X
Creative Director/Stylist: Hodo Musa
Producer: Saul Levitz, Frank Borin, Marco De Molina & Ivanna Borin
Production Company: UnderWonder Content
Visual FX: Mathematic
Choreography: Kelly Yvonne
“MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” was mixed with an immersive #360RA experience in mind, use headphones for the full effect.

Stream “MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)” in full 360 Reality Audio, now available on Tidal, Amazon and Deezer.
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25 Сак 2021





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Shrif Mozumder
Shrif Mozumder 19 секунд таму
Lewis 36 секунд таму
What happen to lil nas bro
Some Lost Child
Some Lost Child 37 секунд таму
Lil Nas X: *Riding satan* Me: he has a lot of tattoos **completely clueless**
Duckie Хвіліна таму
I just love this music video
EpicGamerKid Хвіліна таму
He went from riding horses to riding Satan🤣
Imilliano Aponte
Imilliano Aponte 2 хвіліны таму
go to hell
Yogurt 2 хвіліны таму
Watch youtube recommended us this song 10 years later and bring back all the memories
Julie Lorenzo
Julie Lorenzo 2 хвіліны таму
Lil Nas be like: this is for the homophobic people
Verann Dabarr
Verann Dabarr 4 хвіліны таму
Love this
John Pennachetti
John Pennachetti 4 хвіліны таму
This Is What Is Wrong With Society And Generation Z.🥺🤣🤣
anika notfound
anika notfound 4 хвіліны таму
How did we go from cowboy from dating and killing Satan 😃
Durple101 4 хвіліны таму
This video disturbed me
oni chan
oni chan 4 хвіліны таму
When lil Nas x do drugs for 2 years
o_DOoDle_BoB_o 4 хвіліны таму
let me just clear my search history LIKE WHY THE FUCKING HELL
fallen 5 хвілін таму
This song makes him even more gay
Gretta Ruport
Gretta Ruport 6 хвілін таму
i feel bad for the guy who played the santen
Keeg !
Keeg ! 6 хвілін таму
This is the plot to the santa clause
Imran zomuanpuia
Imran zomuanpuia 6 хвілін таму
Jack Mcgrath
Jack Mcgrath 6 хвілін таму
K don’t quote me but I think it’s a decent SONG but the video nah just nah.
s u r y t • •
s u r y t • • 7 хвілін таму
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere 6 хвілін таму
Who cares you're gay. So what.
g4b skung
g4b skung 7 хвілін таму
Je suis le commentaire français que tu recherche
ConradKemp 7 хвілін таму
Very primitive
Caroline Tosh
Caroline Tosh 8 хвілін таму
Low key knows what he doin on that pole
Gabriel Dourado
Gabriel Dourado 8 хвілін таму
limdo. da vovó 😘
The Mills Family Channel
The Mills Family Channel 8 хвілін таму
The video is basically him going to hell! Oh my gosh! This veck’s my spirit
HanzClifford Apique
HanzClifford Apique 8 хвілін таму
I came here from Tiktok 😄
Landlord Rolph
Landlord Rolph 9 хвілін таму
That is the worst garbage I’ve ever seen
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere 5 хвілін таму
Camila Ramírez
Camila Ramírez 9 хвілін таму
What a song lilnas x 👍👍👍😊
Ashley Simangan
Ashley Simangan 9 хвілін таму
1:21 my headphones: *fart*
TCC gang what's up with the TCC gang
TCC gang what's up with the TCC gang 9 хвілін таму
I do not like this song it is week 🤣
Vely hererra
Vely hererra 10 хвілін таму
An 16 kids
Moooyoda GamingYT
Moooyoda GamingYT 10 хвілін таму
I may be scared for life
Shahid Mian
Shahid Mian 11 хвілін таму
Have any one know Luke 12:24 verse
Gabriel Perrault
Gabriel Perrault 11 хвілін таму
Lmao gay people say we don’t push gay on. You :
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere 3 хвіліны таму
They are also playing victim, saying they are being attacked by Christians, boo hoo, but in fact... they are the ones attacking Christians. They are self centered narcissists. And they do not care about little kids seeing this video.
Shane Cateriny
Shane Cateriny 11 хвілін таму
Are culture has completely walked away from morality. This video is absolutely disgusting
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere 2 хвіліны таму
Jerziah Utai
Jerziah Utai 11 хвілін таму
Your gay 😂😂😂 but it's a good song!!!
Big Donny
Big Donny 11 хвілін таму
This is like... really fuking weird. Songs good but the video like wtf
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere 2 хвіліны таму
wasimichu lol
wasimichu lol 12 хвілін таму
I love you lil Nas x
IDKNixck 12 хвілін таму
no way bro 2 weeks and 121M
Jozene Bailey
Jozene Bailey 12 хвілін таму
Me for the whole eong😖😖😖😖😖😖😖😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere 2 хвіліны таму
Zaid francisco Fonseca
Zaid francisco Fonseca 13 хвілін таму
Al pana linas le salí potente gaga
Harsh Singh
Harsh Singh 13 хвілін таму
Lap dance with satan 🌝
CLASSIC LOVER 14 хвілін таму
The power of money and toys
The Wiggles
The Wiggles 14 хвілін таму
this is an amazing fucking song
owo 14 хвілін таму
This is disgusting
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere 2 хвіліны таму
Yep terrible.
Colonel Mustang
Colonel Mustang 11 хвілін таму
Marisela Lopez
Marisela Lopez 14 хвілін таму
I hate the devil
android sicario
android sicario 14 хвілін таму
Lil nas x kissing him self kk
Nctzen boy
Nctzen boy 15 хвілін таму
Love this whole video~♡♡♡
thecy 16 хвілін таму
me going to hell: 1:58
Itz_Skylah 16 хвілін таму
im glad that now when you scroll through the comments it seems to be more love then hate but at the beggining there was so much hate like seriously it's his music he gets to decide what type of music and content for his videos if you dont like it then dont take the time of day to comment hurtful oppinions just click off
TheyControlNarrative&CommentsHere Хвіліна таму
No! Adults need to speak up for the kids. They should NOT be seeing this video!
unknown boi
unknown boi 16 хвілін таму
U gay bro ?
Hunter x Gamer boi
Hunter x Gamer boi 9 хвілін таму
Fortnite kid?
The Devil
The Devil 16 хвілін таму
I guess this is my coming out video.
Cortés Betancourt Josselyn Patricia
Cortés Betancourt Josselyn Patricia 17 хвілін таму
Oh, my God!! This video is the paradise of my eyes👁️👁️✨✨✨✨
Livia_gamer 17 хвілін таму
¡Itż_Kāî¡ 17 хвілін таму
Why do I feel like Lil nas X's songs go famr on tiktok also does youtube every time
MAX GAMER 17 хвілін таму
are you gay are you gay
Emmaline Gizmo
Emmaline Gizmo 17 хвілін таму
This is just a song he doesn’t believe in satan crazy people it’s just for a video
Defiant Voidz
Defiant Voidz 18 хвілін таму
Please people don't be deceived by satan, please don't lose your soul, develop a relationship with god And you shall live an everlasting life in heaven
Barrett 6 хвілін таму
@Defiant Voidz God seems to hate a lot for loving
Colonel Mustang
Colonel Mustang 10 хвілін таму
Will god let me be gay in heaven
Defiant Voidz
Defiant Voidz 13 хвілін таму
@Barrett just stating facts man, have a blessed day
Barrett 15 хвілін таму
serxnize 18 хвілін таму
Damn I wish I could buy the Satan shoes
hector tome
hector tome 18 хвілін таму
The worse song I have ever heard in my life you are not going with god lil Nas because you made a song that all about Satan making a devil coming down from the lord go back to the old lil Nas x go back to god make a god song and get those shoes are the worse your are do bad and I hate you know
Barrett 14 хвілін таму
Satan looks super cool I want to be him
アニメ• otaku
アニメ• otaku 19 хвілін таму
im 12.
Ace B.
Ace B. 19 хвілін таму
That was so sus and have satan shoes like WTH
B Baer
B Baer 19 хвілін таму
My God may you be merciful and grant this man repentance and deliverance Jesus Christ you are Lord of all flesh and hear all who call to you !!
Colonel Mustang
Colonel Mustang 9 хвілін таму
What does he have to repent for?
Joshua Kuar
Joshua Kuar 19 хвілін таму
When I was like 10 or 5 minutes into this video I thought about rodeo you know the song that got us all lit but this dude you went to the better level little nas
Shot0Roki 19 хвілін таму
*scared twerking*
Totalmente bts
Totalmente bts 19 хвілін таму
Lixo de música coisa mais feia não sei como tem gente que gosta dessa bosta
Aknaka Lomk
Aknaka Lomk 17 хвілін таму
Bueno cálmate que nadie te entiende
Bruhbama 8647
Bruhbama 8647 20 хвілін таму
Aknaka Lomk
Aknaka Lomk 17 хвілін таму
Heather Goodsell
Heather Goodsell 20 хвілін таму
no bc lil nas riding a stripper pole down to hell is the best shit i've seen all day
Monica West
Monica West 20 хвілін таму
Love everything about the song and video! So amazing.
Malvina Ancel
Malvina Ancel 20 хвілін таму
Earthworm Sally
Earthworm Sally 21 хвіліна таму
*Lesbian twerking*
azron sergal
azron sergal 21 хвіліна таму
Homophobes: go to hell Me, now: okay
SUMMIT FN 22 хвіліны таму
That scene at the end looked fire not gonna lie
Klimite 22 хвіліны таму
Old town road: first episode When you miss 4 episodes:
PARADISE 22 хвіліны таму
Why his hair actually look sick dyed red and long
azron sergal
azron sergal 22 хвіліны таму
Thank you for making this song, Lil Nas X. Playing it helps me feel proud to be me!
Vanessa Ruck
Vanessa Ruck 23 хвіліны таму
this is not ok
Colonel Mustang
Colonel Mustang 8 хвілін таму
Ricardo Nain Hernández
Ricardo Nain Hernández 23 хвіліны таму
Kaylee Baker
Kaylee Baker 23 хвіліны таму
I don’t get why Christians are so mad. He got rid of satan 🙄😂
kiwigamer132 132
kiwigamer132 132 23 хвіліны таму
Red dead redemption 3 looking fire
crazy xd gamer
crazy xd gamer 24 хвіліны таму
I like devils and demon
TF1_Reaper 24 хвіліны таму
He went from panini to this weird Dominic shit
TF1_Reaper 6 хвілін таму
@Colonel Mustang I ment to say demonic
TF1_Reaper 6 хвілін таму
@Colonel Mustang yeah Ik my friends name is dominic lol
Colonel Mustang
Colonel Mustang 7 хвілін таму
Everyone named Dominic is offended by this
BROWNIE 24 хвіліны таму
"The World cannot Satisfy You but God can".
Elyjah Deen
Elyjah Deen 25 хвілін таму
The two seasons of old town road ain’t on Netflix
Vasco alejandro Silva cheel
Vasco alejandro Silva cheel 25 хвілін таму
por si no entendieron la referencia dice que es gay y que es juzgado , eso dela persona que esta en todas partes es sequizo frénia que si en tes que todos te observan o que alguien te sigue In case they did not understand the reference, it says that he is gay and that he is judged, that of the person who is everywhere is sequizo Frénia that if everyone is watching you or that someone follows you
Akeeva Burke
Akeeva Burke 25 хвілін таму
Cool effects
EtzyNihGenk 26 хвілін таму
Siapa Yang Kesini Karena Penasaran?😎
person 26 хвілін таму
lol the gates look like its made of people
D. Red
D. Red 26 хвілін таму
Literally my only complaint is how ugly the snake man was lmao what on earth
FlutterflyGaming 27 хвілін таму
POV: You want to go down that pole too
Adlan Affendy
Adlan Affendy 27 хвілін таму
Is not good and not funny lil nas X😌
Carson Paugh
Carson Paugh 27 хвілін таму
*Bisexual screaming*
Zero 27 хвілін таму
This is dogwater
JAYJAY AGGABAO 27 хвілін таму
this beat is good im kinda vibing but kinda missed old town road better make a future of that?
Banana Bloop
Banana Bloop 28 хвілін таму
*Trying to twerk* 😔
Dillon Crossett
Dillon Crossett 29 хвілін таму
Yo where is the pole
ALTER 0 29 хвілін таму
2019:horses on the back 2021:literally a stripper
Rocky The Dog
Rocky The Dog 29 хвілін таму
Pillow biter.
Colonel Mustang
Colonel Mustang 5 хвілін таму
Literally wtf
Nate B.
Nate B. 29 хвілін таму
Is that supposed to be a gay slur?
Jessica Miller
Jessica Miller 29 хвілін таму
Every time I see outrage about this video my atheist ass comes and watches it so Lil Nas can make even more money off the outrage.
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