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In Zack Snyder's Justice League, determined to ensure Superman’s (Henry Cavill) ultimate sacrifice was not in vain, Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) aligns forces with Diana Prince (Gal Gadot) with plans to recruit a team of metahumans to protect the world from an approaching threat of catastrophic proportions. The task proves more difficult than Bruce imagined, as each of the recruits must face the demons of their own pasts to transcend that which has held them back, allowing them to come together, finally forming an unprecedented league of heroes. Now united, Batman (Affleck), Wonder Woman (Gadot), Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher), and The Flash (Ezra Miller) may be too late to save the planet from Steppenwolf, DeSaad, and Darkseid and their dreadful intentions.
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14 Лют 2021





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Zazón Da Chef
Zazón Da Chef Хвіліна таму
Can’t wait! I’m on it!!!!!
Mikołaj Koliński
Mikołaj Koliński 2 хвіліны таму
If they won't restore the SnyderVerse I just think they don't like money. Isn't it better to admit the mistake and continue making money and good movies that make you shiver and want more?
splits seconds
splits seconds 10 хвілін таму
We live in a society where honor is a distant memory isn't right? warner bros.
splits seconds
splits seconds 12 хвілін таму
Cporosus1 31 хвіліна таму
Ugh...so much CGI in that trailer it might as well be a cartoon. Hard pass. DC needs to bring Nolan back or otherwise just stop. Snyder directs everything like a music video- all style and flash with zero substance. And Leto was by far the worst Joker. I have no clue why this was made.
kathiresan krishnaveni
kathiresan krishnaveni 31 хвіліна таму
wb should change their name to warner butchers for josstice league
Vishnu prasad
Vishnu prasad 36 хвілін таму
ഇത് നിന്റെ ലാസ്റ്റ് ചാൻസ് ആണ്.. 🙏
Talos PrinceG
Talos PrinceG 41 хвіліна таму
Cuando van a poner opción de idiomaen toda la programación? Tendrían más suscripciones no se duerman Netflix lo tiene y ahora Amazon prime también.
Kartik Kumar
Kartik Kumar 47 хвілін таму
We should not insult leto's joker anymore! Agreed his acting of joker in suicide squad was bad but writers/director were equally responsible for writing such a bad joker. He is a great actor, who also won academy award for his exceptional acting. Let's wait for this one to come out and see his new performance!
Sahilraj Todeti
Sahilraj Todeti Годину таму
It’s like Avengers: Infinity War!
Anmatrix 23 хвіліны таму
Because infinity endgame was a copy of zacks original justice League script written back in 2013.we all know thanos is a copy of darksied. He was made back in 1971
danabryant0 Годину таму
I don't understand what this supposed to be
CPM3 Годину таму
This is the original cut of Justice League that was supposed to be released on Nov. 17th 2017. But due to a family tragedy, Zack left the project and Whedon was hired who wrote 80 pages of new script. As you guessed, there were 20 minutes of Snyder footage which were re edited and the reshot scenes of Josstice League were god awful. Now what are we going to have?? Character development. No god awful jokes. Beautiful cinematography. More characters fleshed in and a good villain. This is fully uncompromised which means, we are going to get 3.7 hours of never before seen footage. This is 4 hours by the way, and it's 4:3 (1.33), so you are going to see more of the image from top to bottom as 16:9 widescreen blocks the entire image.
KLES! Годину таму
I get that Snyder wants to show his original vision by releasing the cut in the IMAX ratio, but I would much rather prefer having the 16:9 ration here since this is not even releasing in theatres.
KLES! 45 хвілін таму
@CPM3 yeah this is straight up annoying tbh as most people would watch this on a widescreen. I like that they trying to keep it authentic, but this is straight up unnecessary.
CPM3 Годину таму
Well, either I would want the IMAX remasters for Man of Steel and BvS or a widescreen cut.. Also, I would have prefer 1.66
AlviEnLaCueva Годину таму
Thank you to all the fans that made it possible. And thanks hbomax for the support
bryson holley
bryson holley Годину таму
Almost here I can’t wait
Ayush Bhojaiya
Ayush Bhojaiya Годину таму
Who all are from india and watching this amazing trailer more than 10 times
U S Годину таму
Some one truly said that "Marvel is about humans becoming gods and DC is about gods becoming humans"
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar 2 години таму
Connor Brown
Connor Brown 2 години таму
we live in a society
Back Ground Soundtrack Soothing Melodies
bytown.info/rock/t6mkyJ95lpjPf6Y/v-d-a.html Tum Hi Ho (Vocal Less) By Arijit Singh
CPM3 2 години таму
Looks Like my man Darkseid really drained the Ocean part of the Earth. Half Life 2 Beta was released to the Earth in the DCEU smh
Earnest Jason
Earnest Jason 2 години таму
I don’t know how many times I have watched it. I hope this movie can be seen by more people.👍👍👍
Francisco J. Rodriguez
Francisco J. Rodriguez 2 години таму
La música sonora es impresionante, me hace recordar la trilogía de Christopher Nolan
kasaibou F29
kasaibou F29 2 години таму
Synder Cult: Warner Bros. released another Godzilla vs Kong trailer to sabotage the Snyder Cut's popularity. Godzilla vs Kong Trailer 1: 65 million views and counting This trailer: 19 million views ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
YATHU G KRISHNA 3 години таму
Stanislav Shestak
Stanislav Shestak 3 години таму
Is this actual competitor of Marvel filmuniverse?
CPM3 2 години таму
@Edvin John Also, those statements I made were jokes.
CPM3 2 години таму
@Edvin John Nope. I'm a Snyder supporter but I have been watching two sides.. MCU and The Snyderverse.. (No DCEU since Warner Butchers) Currently, my speculation is that MCU may have two more tricks up their sleeve:- Multiverse of Madness and No Way Home although No Way Home is what most MCU fans are looking forward to... Flashpoint will be the last DCEU movie tho imo since DCEU won't be the same. My scope is aimed at this for now...
Edvin John
Edvin John 2 години таму
@CPM3 Nice joke.
CPM3 3 години таму
@Edvin John There is Spider-Man No Way Home tho
Edvin John
Edvin John 3 години таму
Marvel filmuniverse is actually done after Endgame, so no, not really.
James Spadaccini
James Spadaccini 3 години таму
Zach Snyder’s trailers just hit different
Surya Js
Surya Js 3 години таму
Who all saw the trailer because someone said there is joker in it !!!
FRANK J.T. 3 години таму
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar 3 години таму
CPM3 4 години таму
You either die a hated filmmaker or you live long enough to see yourself praised as a visionary
Anmatrix 4 години таму
DARRENDJ 4 години таму
Superman going into beast mode at the end there
Adyan Shazad
Adyan Shazad 4 години таму
Franco Mandrakke
Franco Mandrakke 4 години таму
Whedon, eat my eggs
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez 4 години таму
Darkseid looks FUCKING SICK!!!
cinthya rubina
cinthya rubina 4 години таму
Manish Kumar
Manish Kumar 5 годин таму
Please also release this movie with Hindi Dubbed...Indian fans are waiting for this movie...
星史聖鬥士 5 годин таму
Jose Melgarejo
Jose Melgarejo 5 годин таму
Javier Limon
Javier Limon 5 годин таму
Esto será épico 😍😍😍 #zack Snyder Justice League
Cube 5 годин таму
Looks trash
O Auto Evolucionário
O Auto Evolucionário 5 годин таму
Best trailer
Scot Jackson
Scot Jackson 5 годин таму
I’m so happy I never watched justice league when it came out because it looked like dog shit to me and up until that movie I had enjoyed the previous offerings so I cannot express how happy I am to go into watching this untarnished and untainted hahaha and only after I have seen this movie will I possibly go back and watch Justice League for a laugh LOL joking aside i’m sure it’s not terrible, it just looked a little too goofy for me personally and I never got round to watching it but I’m happy that everything I see in the Snyder cut will be virgin territory for me and I won’t be making mental notes of all the shots I’ve seen before. I’ll bet there’s a lot of people wishing they could have this experience! So amazing that the fans and everyone involved make this happen. I hope everyone enjoys it. Much love ❤️
CPM3 4 години таму
The lightning sucks (Josstice League)
Pakin 86
Pakin 86 5 годин таму
I call it! Through MOST of the movie Superman is really Martian Manhunter
CPM3 4 години таму
Lauren Barry
Lauren Barry 5 годин таму
"wE liVe In A SoCietY......"
Alicultivated 5 годин таму
I've watched this trailer so many times I'm now hearing "Enjoy..... at 0:00 🤣🤣🤣
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 4 години таму
SnoW ThunDer
SnoW ThunDer 5 годин таму
Superman : Let's Kick Some Ass Green Lantern : I coming too 👊
Lebaneser Scrooge
Lebaneser Scrooge 5 годин таму
Joker done pawned his grill.
Burhan Khalid
Burhan Khalid 5 годин таму
"You were sent here for a reason, and even if it takes the rest of your life, find out what that reason is" Pa kent always makes me emotional 😭
lienar Ψ
lienar Ψ 6 годин таму
R? Seriously
Shadow Strike
Shadow Strike Годину таму
@Anmatrix facepalm
Anmatrix 4 години таму
At least this movie is safe from mindless mcu babies
Anmatrix 4 години таму
Darksied is in this. Why won't this be r rated
CPM3 4 години таму
For violence and mild language
MegaDoug 5 годин таму
Beheading Amazons, cuz he carries an axe
Ankit Singh
Ankit Singh 6 годин таму
18 days left
Crusher 6 годин таму
Name of the music used?
ft.Jack&Jimmy 6 годин таму
It’s already gonna be a lot better because now we have backstories for Wonder Woman and Aqua Man and Suicide Squad. Ya need too set characters stories up first in order to appreciate the team up bruh.
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 3 години таму
@Anmatrix supes obviously didnt kill bat and obviously it was supes that lex wanted dead. when lexes thugs saw batman, they should have just killed martha. if i was supes, i would have saved martha once batman located the hideout. the whole thing needed a better reason why supes would rely on batman. poor writing. batman should have scanned the warehouse and warned superman that they had kryptonite guns. or they could have just released doomsday so that superman is too busy with him it just could have been done better
Anmatrix 3 години таму
@Toppy Games if he would have killed Martha there supes would have already killed him. He used Martha to make supes fight bats. Or supes won't fight him
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 3 години таму
@Anmatrix how would lex know. and why not just kill martha before anyone tries to save her.
Anmatrix 3 години таму
@Toppy Games remember what lex said, if he left taht place without bats head, Martha would die. Getting bets for help was only way
Toppy Games
Toppy Games 3 години таму
@Anmatrix why would supes trust batman to save his mum when they could kill his mum at any time? superman could have done batmans job in 2 seconds.
feny tansuri
feny tansuri 6 годин таму
Feny Feny
Feny Feny 6 годин таму
GameTomCat 6 годин таму
Everyone in the comments: This is gonna be great. That one person: wElL wE kNoW iT’s GoNnA sUcK bEcAuSe DaRkSeId HaS aRmOr AnD hE’s NEVER hAd ArMoR bEfOrE
CPM3 4 години таму
Jody's Crying Corner?
hopeman returns
hopeman returns 7 годин таму
HBO max isn't available in india so we will watch from telegram 🤣🤣🤣
Cosine Sucks
Cosine Sucks 7 годин таму
WTF The Ending though.
HermannTheGreat 7 годин таму
The same slobs who said they loved Avengers and hated Batman vs Superman are fawning and slobbering all over this trailer. Pathetic. Joss Whedon is garbage btw, and hates women.
Franco Dionisio
Franco Dionisio 7 годин таму
#HenryCavillSuperman #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
Pradeep Kumar
Pradeep Kumar 7 годин таму
Alonso Martii
Alonso Martii 7 годин таму
I guarantee many will fall on march 18th. Fall asleep 😴
MegaDoug 4 години таму
Probably during my 5th time straight, but I can start from the beginning again 👍
NILAY SHARMA 7 годин таму
After the last of us series announcement not even this can save HBO max.
iRenTec iRenTec
iRenTec iRenTec 8 годин таму
#HenryCavilSuperman #RestoreTheSnyderVerse. o/
Maxwell Shapiro
Maxwell Shapiro 8 годин таму
We've come a long way from "It doesn't exist," haven't we?
AlphaClam 8 годин таму
We live in a society
cynthia rouse
cynthia rouse 8 годин таму
Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors 8 годин таму
1:35 Brian Michael Bendis hates this moment.
Golden State Warriors
Golden State Warriors 8 годин таму
I am freaking hyped for the black suit Superman!
Greg Alston
Greg Alston 8 годин таму
Snyder doing this film just for the fans and no personal gain is why he’s such a hero, this looks incredible compared to Whedon’s nonsense!
Vipin George
Vipin George 9 годин таму
1:27 Hope they will use what are you going to do when you are not saving the world 🎶😑
Mangan1025 9 годин таму
Why some of these scene from the old movie
RJK 8 годин таму
@AlphaReturns I can’t wait for the movie
AlphaReturns 8 годин таму
Only 10-25% of zacks footage made it into the movie.
AlphaReturns 8 годин таму
Because those are zacks shots. Anything that wasn't shot by him will not be in this film.
RJK 9 годин таму
It’s gonna the original 4 hour justice league movie that was supposed to be released before. The main director zack Snyder’s daughter died so he stepped down. and some guy that didn’t know how to direct a movie named wheddon took over. Wheddons version of justice league was trash he tried making it more of a comedic and funny type of movie like marvel. But Snyder’s version is gonna be more dark and it’s gonna be rated R. So the flash is not gonna be a bitch that’s afraid of fighting. All of the characters are gonna be different and more improved
iseey0u0 9 годин таму
Ben Affleck as Coronaman
TheBoss 9 годин таму
Isn't this the same movie with a few extra scenes?
RJK 9 годин таму
U should go on BYtown and search up joss wheddons justice league jokes so u can see how bad they are 😂. I can’t wait for Snyder’s version
RJK 9 годин таму
It’s gonna the original 4 hour justice league movie that was supposed to be released before. The main director zack Snyder’s daughter died so he stepped down. and some guy that didn’t know how to direct a movie named wheddon took over. Wheddons version of justice league was trash he tried making it more of a comedic and funny type of movie like marvel. But Snyder’s version is gonna be more dark and it’s gonna be rated R. So the flash is not gonna be a bitch that’s afraid of fighting. All of the characters are gonna be different and more improved
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 9 годин таму
S means hope, sequel and success
C.S.R 9 годин таму
Now someone to fix wonder woman 1984! If it’s even possible?!?
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 9 годин таму
"It's _not_ a *'S'.* On _my_ planet it means *_SEQUELS"._* (El, Kal) #RestoreTheSnyderVerse
Diego Haung
Diego Haung 8 годин таму
It also means success, hope and Snyderverse
Jonathan Müller
Jonathan Müller 9 годин таму
Who's here after Zack showed us ZSJL Opening Credits?
Mohammad Atallah
Mohammad Atallah 10 годин таму
Jared leto ... an amazing actor ... he deserves it Zack know him If zack doesn’t believe in him .. the he wouldn’t get back .
Anderson Godoi
Anderson Godoi 10 годин таму
just 3 weeks left...
Ferrufino Numbela Joseph
Ferrufino Numbela Joseph 10 годин таму
ColibrAA 10 годин таму
Marvel fan here but this looks amazing
RXTZ SleekZ 8 годин таму
Mohammad Atallah
Mohammad Atallah 10 годин таму
Welcome ... hope u will be dc fan after that movie
AlphaReturns 11 годин таму
It's crazy to think we are less than 3 weeks away from this movie. I can't wait.
Vero Meza
Vero Meza 11 годин таму
Fabio2009RS 11 годин таму
Only this trailer is better than the entire Josh version.
Anderson Godoi
Anderson Godoi 10 годин таму
pedro mamani
pedro mamani 11 годин таму
hariharan durai
hariharan durai 12 годин таму
Joan Neptune Vitruvian man Hermes St. Sebastian Jesus
Brawl Stars Clips With GHAUL
Brawl Stars Clips With GHAUL 12 годин таму
Justice League: The Pizza Cut
Instinct clap 123
Instinct clap 123 12 годин таму
The first one was bad but this one ☝️ mite be good
Ivan Betancourt
Ivan Betancourt 12 годин таму
After the movie's release, we'll need to start a Bring Back Ray Fisher hashtag, cuz we sure as hell know that his character will get tons of Justice in ZSJL pun intended
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 8 годин таму
@RXTZ SleekZ old quotes are meaningless after he burned his bridges at wb.
RXTZ SleekZ 8 годин таму
Ray said he'll just pick up the phone when zack will do a sequel
Ivan Betancourt
Ivan Betancourt 9 годин таму
@Yellow Devil true, i forgot about him saying that. I hope he finds work in other films cuz Ray is a talented dude
Yellow Devil
Yellow Devil 10 годин таму
he is done since he has drawn a line in the sand to NEVER work with current wb leadership. you wont see him ever again since no company will fire their own guys for an actor.
Dima Smirnov
Dima Smirnov 12 годин таму
Llegamos a los 19.7M hoy.No es una pregunta. #UsUnited #SnyderCut
Haider Hazem
Haider Hazem 12 годин таму
The name of the music
Emily An
Emily An 13 годин таму
Zack Snyder. No more waiting
Technical Info
Technical Info 13 годин таму
It's been some day left only for this much awaited movie🍿🎥 👍
David Chamorro
David Chamorro 13 годин таму
Bruce Wayne
Bruce Wayne 13 годин таму
Dendry Official
Dendry Official 13 годин таму
Nice flim movies
Dendry Official
Dendry Official 8 годин таму
@Emily An good luck...
Emily An
Emily An 13 годин таму
I'll be watching this in tears after waiting for so long . we made it finally
Елизавета Зеленькова
Its very good
mario wolf tamez
mario wolf tamez 13 годин таму
Hustler 69
Hustler 69 13 годин таму
imagine ryan rolands as 'green lantern' in post credit scene.. that would be awesome ...lol
David Stegen
David Stegen 13 годин таму
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