Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi 

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In celebration of my KYLIE X GRINCH collection launching today, Stormi and I made Grinch cupcakes!
Shop my limited edition Grinch holiday collection at kyliecosmetics.com today at 3pm PST



19 Ліс 2020





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Lea Berry
Lea Berry 11 хвілін таму
honestly I don’t care what anyone thinks but Kylie is such a good mom. Stormi is so polite and gentle😭 she’s doing a great job!
R amra
R amra 16 хвілін таму
Stormy is no more ☹️ adorable in such an age it's really not good for her 😢 age she's just a kid
Yena Lee
Yena Lee 19 хвілін таму
Stormy with her cute manners is absolutely adorable she’s soooo FRIKIN CUTEEEEEEEEE ♥️🥺
Hannah Simone
Hannah Simone 20 хвілін таму
Literally the only child who gives me baby fever.
Raphaela Basantes
Raphaela Basantes 23 хвіліны таму
SisterThinz 33 хвіліны таму
My heart is melting........ I love her responsea
SisterThinz 42 хвіліны таму
Stormiiiiiii I love herrr... Her responses are Soo cute
LEONELA 42 хвіліны таму
Soy el comentario en Español :) xd
PinkHand 5
PinkHand 5 55 хвілін таму
Kylie: “Say bye to that camera” Stormi: Bye that camera Lmao
Miss Chaimaa with love
Miss Chaimaa with love Годину таму
She s mannered god bless her All the love from Morocco
Macen Годину таму
“You so beautiful” Stormi is the sweetest. We are blessed to have that sweet girl in this world. She will be something good for our future!
Macen Годину таму
Awh! Stormi is so polite and adorable! Kylie, you are gorgeous and I love your Grinch Collection! I hope y’all have healthy holidays! Good bless!
Kiarybel Lara
Kiarybel Lara Годину таму
Stormi is a true angel 👼🏼
Alina Țurcan
Alina Țurcan Годину таму
Stormi is so precious 🥺😍
Lauren Joffe
Lauren Joffe Годину таму
This is adorable
Mai Adam
Mai Adam Годину таму
This mother daughter relationship is phenomenal 😩♥️
Amelia igle
Amelia igle Годину таму
love this ❤✨
Jawad El lkchakchi
Jawad El lkchakchi Годину таму
stormi this is beatiful
Emilana Panus
Emilana Panus Годину таму
Stormy just getting prettier
david lopez
david lopez Годину таму
The best mom💚
esma Годину таму
Selamın aleyküm türkler beğeninde sayımızı bilelim 😉
بالا وعثمان وحليمه وارطغرل
حلو كتير روعه للجمال ساعدوني للوصول حلو كتير روعه للجمال ساعدوني للوصول حلو bytown.info/rock/stuHy5iye5SarZU/v-d-a.html
Milagros Mera
Milagros Mera Годину таму
Jajajaj there's no te impodtor Wat Is the
marium ch
marium ch 2 години таму
Millioners still can’t bloody buy a bloody self mixer. Bitch throw them millions away 🙄
nakeha- نكهة مينة
nakeha- نكهة مينة 2 години таму
Dance Sophie
Dance Sophie 2 години таму
She speaks so well. "Thank you mommy".not screaming or anything. " You got that mommy "
Angie Angela
Angie Angela 2 години таму
Nishant Varala
Nishant Varala 2 години таму
Every time Stormi compliments Kylie it's soo cute
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 години таму
Kamile Babayeva
Kamile Babayeva 2 години таму
I don't like Kyle but you are ver very ugly
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 години таму
Valeria Vía
Valeria Vía 2 години таму
Stormy she's biutifull 😭💕
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 години таму
devangel369 2 години таму
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 години таму
Leonor Freitas
Leonor Freitas 3 години таму
She doesn t seem Kylie Jenner's daughter but ok 😶
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 години таму
Eda Do
Eda Do 3 години таму
She is so smart and well raised I swear you can tell Kylie is such a good mum!!
I'm umbrella
I'm umbrella 3 години таму
stormi is so cute
Be Artistic
Be Artistic 2 години таму
Athena Elmer
Athena Elmer 3 години таму
She's the sweetest baby ever!!
Eveleen Singh
Eveleen Singh 3 години таму
follow my food account @eveeatss for delicious food flicks!!
Queen K
Queen K 3 години таму
Go back with travis pls😞
A Youtube channel
A Youtube channel 3 години таму
Although I am not a fan of Kylie Jenner, Stormi is adorable and has great manners.
gab 3 години таму
she’s such a good mom- she’s so calm and patient
rrrudya 4 години таму
I like how after "you're so beautiful", Kylie also tells her daughter "you're so smart". So important for girls to hear that.
Brianna Roth
Brianna Roth 4 години таму
Stormi is so adorable 😩❤️
Nerma G. Barsolaso
Nerma G. Barsolaso 4 години таму
So cute!
seo yeon
seo yeon 4 години таму
So cute stormi 😅🥺❤
Adja Fama Tall
Adja Fama Tall 5 годин таму
Waouh Stormi is so cute 😍😍😍
Itx Sahil Official
Itx Sahil Official 5 годин таму
Please hello
Jerseyjeni30 5 годин таму
You 2 are too cute! I just want to gobble those cheeks up lol! I am on cuteness overload! Smooches 💋
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 5 годин таму
It’s so cute when she says: by that camera She is adorable 😍
Ana Rodríguez Diaz
Ana Rodríguez Diaz 6 годин таму
Aunque yo no entienda nada, muy bonito todo jajsja
Greek Goddess
Greek Goddess 6 годин таму
I bet she’ll force her to go through plastic surgery before she’s even 5 years old....
Charming nowhere to hide
Charming nowhere to hide 5 годин таму
That was amazing ?????
Ayaz Batu
Ayaz Batu 6 годин таму
Türkler yokmuş ben gideyim😄
Princess Micha
Princess Micha 6 годин таму
Stormi reminds me of a baby princess she's soo kind and adorable it honestly melts my heart 😩🥺❤
Destiny Aquin
Destiny Aquin 7 годин таму
you’re welcome ***** Ahhhh it’s the Virgo in me.
geovana 7 годин таму
oh, Stormy is so cute
Melissa Dilaurentis
Melissa Dilaurentis 7 годин таму
So much sweetness
Imelda Ajslayer_period
Imelda Ajslayer_period 7 годин таму
What a great mom 🥰
Cassandra Speltz
Cassandra Speltz 7 годин таму
i don’t even like kylie but damn this is cute
Bulie Dela
Bulie Dela 7 годин таму
Omg! Stormy is soo cute and well mannered ❤️❤️🌸 I wanna be a mom
Maria Clara
Maria Clara 7 годин таму
My God! She is very beautiful and smart. Congratulations on the education you gave her. ❤️🇧🇷
I’m.under_your bed.
I’m.under_your bed. 7 годин таму
Storm is soo cute who agrees?
Viti B
Viti B 7 годин таму
I wasn’t a huge fan before (I kinda am now) but even then I couldn’t deny she’s an awesome mom Stormi is so cute and so damn nice
BiliX 01
BiliX 01 7 годин таму
Is no one gonna say she used the wrong you’re
Драся 7 годин таму
She raised stormi very well
Suri Nguyen
Suri Nguyen 7 годин таму
bruh stormi is 2 years old and she cane speak
Hoseok King
Hoseok King 7 годин таму
at storms age I couldn't even talk right, my respect:)
Cozy__Rachel 8 годин таму
Awwwwwwwwww so cutee💕💕💕
Caio Bismarck Câmara
Caio Bismarck Câmara 8 годин таму
Toró is the cutest
Kyur Jgut
Kyur Jgut 8 годин таму
Kylie, I love you, but I hope you translate into Arabic. We all love you and watch you, but I don't really understand the words. I translated this message using Google, I don’t know if there are mistakes احبك كايلي♥️
salad urie
salad urie 9 годин таму
Kai Abel
Kai Abel 9 годин таму
Such a GREAT MOM😍😍😍
yohana calle
yohana calle 9 годин таму
Kiley born to be a mommy, she is so sweet to stormy. You can feel the love around them .
Zuzka Fastov.
Zuzka Fastov. 9 годин таму
It's cute. 😗🥺
Agnes Americo Nanelo
Agnes Americo Nanelo 9 годин таму
I Kylie follow me in instagram please🙏🙏
Maasha Jungkook
Maasha Jungkook 10 годин таму
Wow stormy talking like a disney princes so cute !
Maasha Jungkook
Maasha Jungkook 10 годин таму
Wow stomy cutiee just like maama jenner
Chioma Nwaji
Chioma Nwaji 10 годин таму
i sorry but her eyebrows and hair??? i cant....i almost bald and i have a uni-brow 😚
Dani Jutt Dani Jutt
Dani Jutt Dani Jutt 10 годин таму
Love from Pakistan
Destiny Therese
Destiny Therese 10 годин таму
“Bye that camera” awhhhh🥺
Sh 10 годин таму
Есть русские ?
Okuhle Msutwana
Okuhle Msutwana 10 годин таму
Stormi has respected Kylie is a good mom 😍😍🇿🇦
Nasho boba
Nasho boba 10 годин таму
Thank god they didn't spill the vanilla again
24. Akshata
24. Akshata 11 годин таму
I am only here to see Stormi lol.
cass medrano
cass medrano 11 годин таму
u know kylie is rich asf when her vids does'nt have ads
Faithann Quimby
Faithann Quimby 11 годин таму
When She said ur so beautiful my heart melted
umaira nasir
umaira nasir 11 годин таму
my heart just smiled watching kylie and stormi
Shhh688 Hhfuj
Shhh688 Hhfuj 11 годин таму
23 year old great mom Ilove you kylie you are great mom great personality
Tia Hussain
Tia Hussain 11 годин таму
Kylie is such a good Mum
viii 12 годин таму
Everyone wants a friend like stormi ❤️
viii 12 годин таму
Stormi saying "thank you mommy" "i love u so much" "you so beautiful" 😭❤️ she's so precious
Arianators Forever
Arianators Forever 12 годин таму
Stormi is so cute ♡︎🥺
Alicia Ulibarri
Alicia Ulibarri 12 годин таму
$AliciaLaRaeUlibarri trying to go to law school and get edumucated!
janira 12 годин таму
“You’re so beautiful” 🥺
a l i n a kle
a l i n a kle 12 годин таму
Stormi is soooooo cute🥰🥺💕
Recipes & Vlogs With Nawal
Recipes & Vlogs With Nawal 12 годин таму
😍😍 so cute i made Christmas popcorn on my channel check it out
MABs GamerZ
MABs GamerZ 13 годин таму
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Whitney H
Whitney H 13 годин таму
That bebe is precious
roze grande
roze grande 13 годин таму
kylie is raising her so well 🥺
Led Tier
Led Tier 13 годин таму
you have to feel sad for stormi her dad has left the family her mom is filled with plastic i wish i could adopt her and at least give her a good life 🥺
Piyu Sarkar
Piyu Sarkar 13 годин таму
I know many people are really over critical about kylie.. but man she is such a good mom and that reflects on stormi
P E A R L YENGKHOM 13 годин таму
Amal Katoue
Amal Katoue 14 годин таму
Wtf how cute
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