Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Music Video) 

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19 Ліс 2020





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Gucci Mane
Gucci Mane 4 дні таму
I Am My Only Competition guccimaneonline.com/
Rashad 30 хвілін таму
I miss this ZONE 6 LEGEND 💸💸💸
Eric DeLaCerda
Eric DeLaCerda 41 хвіліна таму
Trap Godz
Daniel Tirado
Daniel Tirado 4 години таму
Yeah Dat my nigga!!
Frances Wring
Frances Wring 6 годин таму
G Vein
G Vein 9 годин таму
Link says not authorized to view
Faraji Dat
Faraji Dat 2 хвіліны таму
Gucci opened a bandaid that night 😂😂😂
William Parks
William Parks 2 хвіліны таму
Never play Truth or Dare with Gucci. 😬😬
Driq G
Driq G 12 хвілін таму
Only OG gucci fans who knew about this before the versus can like this💯
Deezy Baby 260
Deezy Baby 260 24 хвіліны таму
Rashad 28 хвілін таму
I miss this ZONE 6 LEGEND 💸💸💸
John Dough
John Dough 36 хвілін таму
he had to release it again 😂
Eric DeLaCerda
Eric DeLaCerda 42 хвіліны таму
Real talk i miss this Gucci. RIP. Free Brick Squad1017
Alabama 101 Alabama 101
Alabama 101 Alabama 101 52 хвіліны таму
I'm from bama about 110 miles from the Atl . tell u what you don't have to come to the big city to be real fuck wit any country boy and you will get it
Blaze The Writeous
Blaze The Writeous 58 хвілін таму
Young Flair
Young Flair Годину таму
The new Gucci don’t even look like this man right here this the real Gucci the Gucci now is not real
Ashley M
Ashley M Годину таму
I pray that one person can see this! That YOU CAN SEE THIS! Today is the day for your salvation! Don’t wait no longer! If this was the sign/message you were thinking about, listen to the Good News! You CAN be saved! What do you have to do to be saved? In Ephesians @1:13, Apostle Paul says, “In him you also were sealed with the promised Holy Spirit when you heard the word of the truth, and when you believed.” That is the gospel of your salvation=that you’re putting your faith and trust in Jesus Christ and His finished work on the cross. Jesus took all sins on the cross, died, was buried, and on the 3rd day He rose again! That is your gospel of salvation! It’s in the Scripture. Jesus paid all of your sin debt on that cross, taking your place so that you can be forgiven and be reunited with Him forever! Jesus is the ONLY one who can save you from everything in this world and beyond! After you have put your faith and trust in the gospel of your salvation and believed in Jesus, you have been sealed by the Holy Spirit ~ (Ephesians @1:13). You are sealed by the Holy Spirit until the day of redemption! Nobody can take that away from you! I encourage you to accept this free gift of salvation from God through His Son Jesus Christ, the true Lord and Savior of the world! Please, give Jesus a chance to be with you! Don’t be left astray, reconnect with God through Jesus! Nobody can go to God before going through Jesus! GOD CARES ABOUT YOU SO MUCH that He gave His ONLY SON to us! JESUS LOVES YOU SO MUCH! ❤️✨
BrandNew Годину таму
Hard. As. Nails💯
The Rebellion
The Rebellion Годину таму
Real Guwop... fuc clones
Luckideadbou Channel
Luckideadbou Channel Годину таму
KD'sRaggedy HeadPiece
KD'sRaggedy HeadPiece Годину таму
😭😭😭😭 Gucci reupload it
Herbert Romero
Herbert Romero Годину таму
Lil flip will smash Gucci
ShawnMcCray 2 години таму
Total game changer during #Verzuz
L.A DA GEM [ELL-AYE-DA-GEM] 2 години таму
LYRICS: [Intro] Ha It's Gucci Suckers keep on downing me They know they should be crowning me Hahaha Yo It's Guwop Just counting paper (Just counting paper) We're just counting the days, huh [Verse 1] 80 chains going and ain't took one yet (Burr) Ain't nothin' retarded 'bout Gucci but this gold Rolex (Huh) A ten thousand dollar bounty put on my neck (Burr) I hope you didn't pay them, 'cause they didn't have no success (Nope) You seen my interview, nigga, and you got upset (R-I-P) I seen your interview too, you looked oh-so-stressed I think the nigga just mad 'cause I fucked his ex (Mwah) And I'm a big dog, he got the lil' boy complex Go dig your partner up, nigga, bet he can't say shit And if you looking for the kid, I'll be in Zone 6 (Gucci) I hit a birthday party fresh, you and your homeboy, Tip I know y'all seen me over there with that black four-fif' I bought a Bentley Mulsanne, it look just like Tip’s But I never went platinum-do you catch my drift? (Skrrr!) I never let a nigga do me like Tip did Flip (It's Gucci) This the same shit that got Big and 2Pac killed, it's Gucci STREAM MY MUSIC VIDEO bytown.info/rock/t7mJ1MCKrc2mnsg/v-d-a.html 💎💎💎 LIKE|COMMENT|SUBBBB. [Interlude] Haha Okay For the record, this is not a diss record Just the truth It's Gucci, the living legend Oh, yeah I'm a legend Living legend, nigga Respect that (Gucci) Check! [Verse 2] I ain't playing with you, I ain't trying to dance with you (Fuck you) I ain't using hands, let them rubberbands get you (Get 'em) It take money to go to war, and we can go to war, nigga (Get 'em) I ain't no real rapper, I'm a fucking gravedigger (Ha) I'm a old-school fool, don't make me show my age, nigga Grab a Louisville and turn it to a batting cage, nigga I did a song with Keyshia Cole, and I know you still miss her (Yeah) But Puff was fucking her while you was falling in love with her (Wow) Call you to do a song, wouldn't even smoke no bud with you (Haha) I was screaming "So Icey" and was a neighborhood nigga (Burr) This AR is my backup 'cause I don't need nann nigga Must didn't hear when Flocka said, "Let them guns blam, nigga!" (Bow, bow) Used to drive to Birmingham with a lot of grams, nigga (Skrr!) I'm just who I am, nigga, but I ain't sparing nann nigga I know it's hard for you to sleep knowing you killed your homeboy You left his son to be a bastard, won't even raise your own boy (Gucci) STREAM MY MUSIC VIDEO bytown.info/rock/t7mJ1MCKrc2mnsg/v-d-a.html 💎💎💎 LIKE|COMMENT|SUBBBB.
4 ReaLa
4 ReaLa 2 години таму
The Jozabad Podcast
The Jozabad Podcast 2 години таму
Sloppy Joe Entertainment
Sloppy Joe Entertainment 2 години таму
For my record, this is not a diss record. THIS DA TROOF
Chuck 9Deez
Chuck 9Deez 2 години таму
This the same that had big and Tupac killed let’s thank god it didn’t turn out that way for both of these dudes
cheikh mor gueye
cheikh mor gueye 2 години таму
Old Gucci i know
Galactic Kief
Galactic Kief 2 години таму
So we’re just going to ignore the keiysha Cole comment ?? Shawty was getting raw dogged ahaha no diss juss the truth
N Dee Clear Publishing LLC U.T.A
N Dee Clear Publishing LLC U.T.A 2 години таму
A U 2 години таму
Firelover #1
Firelover #1 3 години таму
Types in young jeezy and ended up listening to Gucci lol
Mill Bill
Mill Bill 3 години таму
The same people who said Jeezy won that battle are the same ones who voted for trump 😂
Heat Pete
Heat Pete 3 години таму
Just lettin ya'll know there a new hybrid strain out called "Pooka" it's a cross between Pookie and Tooka 💨🔥💯
Brutha Ron
Brutha Ron 3 години таму
pooka pack lmao
FrontStreet Hitta
FrontStreet Hitta 3 години таму
Dynasty Kingdom
Dynasty Kingdom 3 години таму
R.I.P real Gucci
Patrice Jenkins
Patrice Jenkins 4 години таму
You downing me but you know you will be crowning me!# Versuz😂😂.
J-Milli Beatz
J-Milli Beatz 4 години таму
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole 4 години таму
Damn whole damn south war coming up next
THE BAYO 4 години таму
this go hard asf
Issac_cogna 4 години таму
This straight 🔥🔥 Gucci mane always got the hardest beats
Dylan Rich
Dylan Rich 5 годин таму
Gucci a product of jeezy, lil jon, pastor Troy. Gucci aint start no fuckin movement he was just there. All yall sayin that shit either aint from georgia or you too young to even speak on it.
Erick Hernandez
Erick Hernandez 6 годин таму
Only thing is this is not new this has been out for years now
Puff N Stuff
Puff N Stuff 6 годин таму
This song, Tupac song, and Ice Cube song r the best diss songs,803
Puff N Stuff
Puff N Stuff 6 годин таму
This will always be 🔥🔥🔥,803
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole 4 години таму
#sc 803 Reppin #metro in this bitch
JOHNLEY SPORT 6 годин таму
machaimomxo xoxo
machaimomxo xoxo 6 годин таму
This is the real Gucci I don’t know who that clone is 🤷‍♀️
God Child
God Child 6 годин таму
Calm down everybody that's only the real Gucci🤧
Douggie Dowdall ki88
Douggie Dowdall ki88 6 годин таму
But jeezy was right u guys are the culture
Chikseyy 6 годин таму
Javier Taylor
Javier Taylor 7 годин таму
Gucci tha diss god. Always got the hardest disses.
Chikseyy 6 годин таму
Winslow Davis
Winslow Davis 7 годин таму
Who came here because flip did flip 😂🤦🏾‍♂️
Heat Pete
Heat Pete 2 години таму
Tip did Flip...
Chikseyy 6 годин таму
Gen3ralGrimReaper 7 годин таму
Gucci Mane is back. And I knew he was cloned. Año to be a versus battle between the real Gucci and the clone
ireez SnowWorld
ireez SnowWorld 7 годин таму
3X FELON 7 годин таму
Not-Cloned Gucci
Despera2 Oficial
Despera2 Oficial 7 годин таму
It's gucciiiiiiiiiiii. Trap god.... 😱 the truth.
Marell Collins
Marell Collins 7 годин таму
Just take your L bro like a man
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 8 годин таму
Shoutout to the OG’s that saw this when it originally came out.
bilij pdan
bilij pdan 8 годин таму
Yo whats with these niggas saying gucci a clone
Spencer Toe
Spencer Toe 8 годин таму
Now we know why Jeezy marriage out because of a lack of black women
Bean Tha Dedicated
Bean Tha Dedicated 9 годин таму
“Go dig your partner up, bet he can’t say shit” ⚰️ sheesh #burrr
Jorge Lopes
Jorge Lopes 9 годин таму
A grave digger 😳😳😳... Feds on ya door nigga.::🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole 4 години таму
And he beat that case
wastedWIFI 9 годин таму
Kids don't know bout this
BabyGurl Cole
BabyGurl Cole 4 години таму
Nope they think Gucci a clown.
Top Opp TV
Top Opp TV 10 годин таму
No he didn’t 😂🤣💀🩸
Rican Johnny
Rican Johnny 10 годин таму
I’m glad I’m an ol head and know the history. These kids was clueless during the versuz 😂😂
Blake Yoppa
Blake Yoppa 10 годин таму
The hardest diss in hip hop history!!!!!!!
Pcy Tony
Pcy Tony 11 годин таму
Y’all not ready for this disrespectful fat lean drinking Gucci
youngboss24able 12 годин таму
Gucci the trap GOAT
NEWYORK BOSS 12 годин таму
I cant tell who won bc jeezy a beast n gucci a beast so it should be a tie they both hard af
Nanna 2real
Nanna 2real 12 годин таму
Gucci said let me post the whole song cause they only heard a piece of the truth on the verzuz‼️😩😭😅🤣
Big Swigz
Big Swigz 12 годин таму
guwop said eighty chainz going an they didn't take one yet burr that's cold
Ronny Simiyu
Ronny Simiyu 13 годин таму
gucci for live
African God
African God 13 годин таму
Who here after versus
Curtis Schaftlein
Curtis Schaftlein 13 годин таму
That cold
Hitch Reel
Hitch Reel 13 годин таму
This felt brand new for a second 🌍
money man
money man 13 годин таму
Yo whats with these niggas saying gucci a clone
RICKY RICKY 13 годин таму
8th grade vibez kicking in 😌
Mack 215
Mack 215 13 годин таму
Gucci corny for reuploading this
Donte' S
Donte' S Годину таму
No. He had to run up while his name was hot. $$
Marcus Anark
Marcus Anark 14 годин таму
Gucci Mane is not a man to be messed with, he has that vibe.
Flex Weston
Flex Weston 14 годин таму
#trifelife #codymanson you said jeezy won what?....oh kay 💪🍋🍋🍋🍋
Flex Weston
Flex Weston 14 годин таму
#codymanson spits some 🔥💨 tho peep it
Flex Weston
Flex Weston 14 годин таму
Hold up...let me tell you again #codymanson 🍋💥 burrr 🤝🤞🤧
CHEF STIRRY 14 годин таму
40% of y’all hearing this for the 1st time
Luke G
Luke G 14 годин таму
As for the clone thing, if you think him being replaced is too far fetched or "out there" to be real then you really have no idea what the reality around you is like
Krayzie Corvette
Krayzie Corvette 14 годин таму
“I know yall seen me over there with the black foe fifth!” 🔊BOOM! 🔊BOOM!🔊BOOM!🔊BOOM! 🔊
Rae Evans
Rae Evans 15 годин таму
He hell for reuploading dis shyt
Don Burnette
Don Burnette 15 годин таму
Gucci Demolished That Verzuz. Redemption
Clair De Lune
Clair De Lune 15 годин таму
actual garbage. mumble rap trash not intelligible. literally rhymed the n word with the n word a dozen or so times.
Kash Poo
Kash Poo 15 годин таму
1mic 15 годин таму
This track ended the verses.
#rare #secrete
#rare #secrete 16 годин таму
sometimes, miss this gucci
#rare #secrete
#rare #secrete 15 годин таму
reminds you of heem
#rare #secrete
#rare #secrete 16 годин таму
old gucci is rick ross
#rare #secrete
#rare #secrete 16 годин таму
new gucci looks like a CEO
kingleel 16 годин таму
He reposted the video 😂😂😭
FLA Mclovin
FLA Mclovin 16 годин таму
We here in 2020 Atlanta lettttt goooooooo #Gucci4Forever
K C 16 годин таму
BYtown Hell ... This Song Supposed 2 Have 100 Million Views .
Indicasesh 16 годин таму
lol i was waiting for him play this in that gucci vs jeezy
Indicasesh 16 годин таму
he reupload it lol
DJ LoACh 16 годин таму
He said he knew this was coming off tha DRIBBLE
DJ LoACh 16 годин таму
Mr.NoChill 16 годин таму
Here for the after vs comments
Patrice Jenkins
Patrice Jenkins 17 годин таму
I respect both rappers But what Gucci said was really the TRUTH.
I got to admit Gucci mane is one of my favorite artists of all time I never knew how real that dude was until I seen him on verses
Billy Blanc
Billy Blanc 17 годин таму
All I want to be is el chappo
devin turner
devin turner 17 годин таму
I feel bad for everybody that's just now hearing this 😭🤦🏽‍♂️
devin turner
devin turner 17 годин таму
I am not Rapper ima fuckin gravedigger 💪🎧
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 17 годин таму
7 year old song trending on BYtown. Only guwop can do that.
soniyu ziuy
soniyu ziuy 17 годин таму
Jeezy Won Tho'.. . #Verzuz
La 'jan Mafya Zoe
La 'jan Mafya Zoe 18 годин таму
This how you make old money new again
Midwest Kandi
Midwest Kandi 18 годин таму
Well, this is the first time I'm actually listening to this and now I know why Jeezy didn't marry Keyshia Cole after she proposed.
Alleyezon Blasian
Alleyezon Blasian 18 годин таму
That beat is knocking hard af 🔥🔥🔥
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